How to Install The Jurassic Park DLC for Minecraft

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

This guide will teach players the steps to installing the new Jurrasic World DLC for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and how to create a world.

Dinosaurs are invading Minecraft in the form of a Jurrasic World DLC, and it adds content to the classic sandbox game that is larger than life. With new skins, items, and crafting recipes, there is plenty for players to explore in the Jurrasic World DLC.

The DLC adds more than 60 different dinosaurs to Minecraft along with 21 new skins. Players can raise their favorite dinosaurs from the Jurrasic Park films, or manage their own dino park. Players can use vehicles and NPCs to help solve disasters or go on expeditions to find new dinosaur DNA. The Jurrasic World DLC can be purchased from the Minecraft Marketplace for 1340 Minecoin or $7.99 USD.

How To Install Minecraft's Jurrasic World DLC

First off, the Jurrasic World DLC is only available in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Players who are playing on consoles are playing on Minecraft Bedrock by default, but PC players will need to make sure they are playing on Bedrock and not Java. This is because DLC purchased through the Minecraft Marketplace can only be purchased and used on Bedrock Edition. Once players buy the DLC from the marketplace it will download and then be ready to use.

Players will then need to go to the main menu and click "play". They will then need to hit "create new" and a list of world templates will appear. The player needs to select the Jurrasic World template which will take them to the world customization screen. If the player does not want to change any setting they can hit create, otherwise, they can edit the options before heading into the dinosaur-filled park.

If the Jurrasic World template is not available in world templates, the player may need to manually download the DLC. They can do this by going back to the title screen and selecting "profile." Then click on the username in the top right corner. There should be a list of all the player's owned skins, worlds, and texture packs. Click on the Jurrasic World DLC and then hit "download." Players can also select "create this world" from this page to easily get back to the world creation page. After that, the player is all set to create, wrangle, and rescue some dinosaurs in the Jurrasic World DLC for Minecraft.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices.