Thu, 2019-11-21

First, in the Mesozoic Era, the age of the dinosaurs, a third of the modern territory of Russia was...

Tue, 2019-11-19

We often think of dinosaurs as big lizards, with reptilian features. For decades, the common belief was that dinosaurs had smooth skin, much like reptiles we see today. That was likely true for a large portion of them, but more recent discoveries suggest that...

Thu, 2016-11-24

Scottish geologist, illustrator, and speculative zoologist Dougal Dixon has made his career dreaming up dozens of fictional creatures shaped by evolution gone bonkers. Here are 10 of his creations who seemingly escaped from the Dungeons & Dragons Monster...

Wed, 2019-11-13

The existing notion that soft tissue architectures and native proteins can be preserved across geological time is controversial since methods of such preservation remain to be investigated and well-defined. In a new study, Elizabeth M. Boatman and colleagues at...

Wed, 2019-11-13

A cache of 118 million-year-old fossilized dinosaur and bird feathers has been recovered from an ancient lake deposit that once lay beyond the southern polar circle.

Sat, 2019-11-09

A new animation by NASA scientist Jessie Christiansen shows just how long the dinosaurs' reign lasted, and how short the era of humans has been in comparison, by tracing our solar system's movement through...

Thu, 2019-11-07

Some of the world's most exquisite fossil beds were formed millions of years ago during time periods when the Earth's oceans were largely without oxygen.

Wed, 2019-11-06

A previously unrecognized mode of fossilization of ancient microbes may explain how some of Earth’s oldest microfossils...

Tue, 2019-11-05

The fossil record is filled with meat-eating dinosaurs. Some paleontologists have suggested there are too many theropod dinosaurs, given what scientists know about food chains.