10 Ways Jurassic Park III Was Going To Be Very Different

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

While Jurassic Park fans are divisive about the third movie, they might still want to know how Jurassic Park III was going to be very different.

The Jurassic Park and Jurassic World films are no strangers to bumpy productions. Even the very first film had to overcome many hurdles in order to become one of the most famous films ever made. The filming process was halted due to a hurricane on location.

However, none of the series have had as infamous of a troubled production as Jurassic Park III. It's become well-known that many rewrites, changes, and issues up until the end of filming. The script was still being written as they were filming and as a result, a lot of story ideas and scenes were scrapped along the way.

10 - Michael Crichton Was Originally A Co-Writer

The creator of the franchise himself, Michael Crichton, was involved with the writing of Jurassic Park III. However, after only days of working on the film, he left after being unable to come up with ideas that he felt worked for what he wanted from another film.

When the author of the book denies a Jurassic Park film, that's not exactly a good sign. From there three other writers took full control of the script.

9 - Pteranodons Were What Brought Grant To The Island

In one version of the script, the film was going to open with Pteranodons escaping and killing people on the mainland. This is what would have brought Alan Grant back into the story, as more of an investigator.

Some would argue, this would have made for a more natural return of Grant rather than the contrived reason in the final product. However, this script was rejected by Steven Spielberg and director Joe Johnston.

8 - The T-Rex Fight With The Spinosaurus Was Longer

The battle between the juvenile T-Rex and the Spinosaurus ends in a divisive moment with the Spinosaurus snapping the Rex's neck, killing it. Fans of the iconic dinosaur were not happy since the fight between the two monsters was only a couple of minutes long.

There was an extended version of this battle which would feature the Rex holding its own, more attacks from the Spinosaurus, and what likely could have been a more beloved fight than what fans got. It's strange that it's cut so short since Jurassic Park III is already a surprisingly short movie at little over an hour and a half.

7 - Udesky Fought The Raptor Pack

Jurassic Park III sets up Udesky as this skilled mercenary character but his demise is rather quick and mostly off-screen. Originally, Udesky was supposed to go out swinging, using a wooden stick to defend himself. The only surviving footage of this battle is a single still of Udesky holding the stick.

This is one of many abandoned scenes across the franchise fans would have preferred to keep in. It would have made Udesky's death more impactful, giving the character more depth and respect.

6 - Spinosaurus Was Not The Original Villain

There are definitely fans of the Spinosaurus who hope the creature returns in future films. However, the Spinosaurus was actually one of the last decisions made. In the same family as the Spinosaurus, Jurassic Park III was going to use a Baryonyx as one of the main threats.

The Baryonyx would get its chance to shine in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. From there, it would get a video game debut in Jurassic World: Evolution.

5 - Alan Grant Was Obsessed With Being On The Island

It may have been more realistic, most fans agree that the bitter version of the beloved Alan Grant in Jurassic Park III contradicted the ending of the first film. In Steven Spielberg's idea for the script, Alan Grant was much more lighthearted about the dinosaurs, even obsessed with studying him.

Jurassic Park III was going to start with Alan Grant living on an InGen island so he can perform his studies. Joe Johnston did not care for this idea, so none of it made it into the final product.

4 - Billy Was Supposed To Die

Billy Brennan's original death was when the Pteranodons attack him in the river, hence why the river fills with blood. This would have resulted in one of the grisliest deaths in the franchise. Unfortunately, Alessandro Nivola protested this death and demanded that his character live.

This is why Billy miraculously shows up at the end, somehow alive and with little wounds. The military somehow found Billy and rescued him before finding the others. Most fans can agree, this change was rather egregious.

3 - Drastically Different Ending

Speaking of that ending, it suffered from massive changes all around. Instead of the anti-climactic arrival of the military and everyone is saved, there was going to be another action sequence. The military was going to be attacked by rogue Pteranodons; it was going to showcase that it was those rogues that killed the parasailing crew in the opening scene.

A similar fate happened in the first Jurassic Park with an ending involving the series icon Rexy attacking the helicopter as the heroes make their escape. Except, in that case, the change was made for a serene ending that fit the story whereas Jurassic Park III's final ending felt dull.

2 - Cast Of Teenagers

While the Jurassic Park films are essentially big-budget monster movies, going full slasher flick was a choice that many are glad was scrapped. In one script, Jurassic Park III was going to center around a group of teenagers stranded on Isla Sorna and trying to survive.

This idea made Jurassic Park III sound more akin to a rejected Friday The 13th clone. Sure, it would have changed up the formula but in a very poor way.

1 - Death Of The Spinosaurus

In Jurassic Park III, the Spinosaurus just leaves the plot altogether after the fight on the river. It barely gets wounded by fire then just runs off, never to be seen again. Yet another anti-climax that diminishes what is one of the most enjoyable villains of the series. Well, the Spinosaurus was going to reappear to attack the military on the beach.

Providing a more climactic ending for the velociraptors as well, the raptor pack was going to attack and fight the Spinosaurus. They were even going to kill the Spinosaurus, harking back to the fight with Rexy in the first film but reversed winner and loser.

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