Sun, 2020-02-16

When Jurassic World 3 hits screens next year, it will mark the return of characters from across the ...

Sun, 2020-02-16

Move over Rex, there’s a new Tyrannosaurus in town.

Fri, 2020-02-14

The original Jurassic Park is loved by many but the sequels always seem to be missing "something" that made the first film so great.

Fri, 2020-02-14

The coins feature three different dinosaurs, including the Megalosaurus, the ...

Sat, 2020-02-15

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom didn’t exactly go down as well as its predecessor with fans of critics, but it still made a ton of money at...

Sun, 2020-02-09

When Steven Spielberg released the first ‘Jurassic Park’ film way back in 1993, even he must have dared not predict the impact the film would have on the average...

Fri, 2020-02-07

Andre Bisson’s four-year-old son, Theo, is obsessed with dinosaurs. After watching Disney’s animated classic, Dinosaur, he was particularly found of...

Thu, 2020-02-06

Who could ever forget Steven Speilberg's epic 1993 film Jurassic Park? Here are 10 iconic moments from the movie which still hold up today.

Thu, 2020-02-06

Artist Marianela Fuentes’ art installation called “Sacred Beings: Ichiro The Dino” is “an exact replica skeleton of the Velafrons Coahuilensis, a dinosaur from the Cretaceous period, 72 million years ago,” according to her website. The dinosaur is currently on...