All Dinosaur And Human Villains From The Jurassic Franchise, Ranked

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

In the Jurassic Park franchise, some of the villains (human and non-human) are more iconic than the main characters. Here are all villains, ranked.

With the giant adventures seen in the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies, audiences need a good cast of protagonists to follow and whether it's Sam Neill's Alan Grant, Jeff Goldblum's Ian Malcolm, or Chris Pratt's Owen Grady, these films usually have great heroes.

However, the hero of a story is only one side of the coin - on the other is the villain who usually drives the plot forward in these films. These come in the forms of both human and dinosaur - some have even become more iconic than the leading characters.

19 - The Juvenile T-Rex From Jurassic Park III

Sporting a vibrant green hide, this Tyrannosaurus Rex showed much potential, but after not even a minute or two after being introduced, it comes face to face with the dreaded Spinosaurus, leading to a fight that became quite controversial due to the juvenile being killed off rather quickly.

This fight was hated amongst fans so much that even Colin Trevorrow referenced it by having the classic Rexy destroy a Spinosaurus skeleton during the climax of Jurassic World and there were plans for a rematch during the escape from Isla Nublar in Fallen Kingdom that fell through.

18 - The Raptor Pack From Jurassic Park III

Other than a few decent chases and scares, this was definitely the least memorable velociraptor pack in the long line in the series, despite the overhaul of the design to include the dark red and purple hides for the males. The most noteworthy of this pack would be the alpha female who provides a sinister threat and only appears briefly, until the end.

Even then, the end left fans disappointed, seeing as they don't attack or harm anyone. They just grab their eggs and leave, making their entire build-up over the movie's runtime seem worthless.

17 - Gunnar Eversol From Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Far from bad, this villain, played by Toby Jones, simply just did not get enough time on screen to really shine in a movie that already has several villains to choose from. He's a greedy and pompous man who got viewers to hate his guts enough during the final act of the movie.

The biggest issue with him was his comeuppance, or rather, the lack thereof. There is a great build-up to his demise at the teeth of the Indoraptor, only for the movie to have his death take place off-screen to keep things PG-13. This made the villain, overall, feel wasted and not nearly as memorable as others from the same movie.

16 - The Pteranodon Flock In Jurassic Park III

One of the more underrated dinosaur threats of the franchise were these avian creatures that mixed beauty and beast together in one: elegant and regal sky-bound creatures that soar through the clouds with grace but also happen to be deadly foes if you stumble into their territory, much as the heroes did in the second act, leading to an intense chase through the aviary.

Originally, these winged dinosaurs were going to have an even bigger role, with an attack on the beach after the encounter with the raptors. Instead, this was replaced with our heroes being saved in an anti-climax that was the result of the movie's highly troubled production.

15 - Vic Hoskins From Jurassic World

Obsessed with turning raptor packs into military weapons of war, this villain was far from deep or thought-provoking, but he was effective in making things worse for our heroes and getting audiences to wish for his demise, due to a charismatic and slimy performance by Vincent D'onofrio and his more genuine chemistry with actors like Chris Pratt.

Unlike the previous human entry, this villain's fall from grace is much more satisfying, due to a visible attack from Delta, the velociraptor whom he impolitely spoke to and irritated earlier in the film.

14 - The Compsognathus (Or Compys) From The Lost World: Jurassic Park

One of these tiny critters might not seem that imposing, but much like a piranha, an attack by the whole pack becomes a terrifying scene to witness. Originally the cause of death of the more vile version of John Hammond in Michael Crighton's Jurassic Park novel, the Compys have one show-stealing sequence in the movie's sequel.

Peter Stormare's character, Dieter Stark, gets lost after separating from the group, leading to one of the slower and terror fueled deaths in the series, as many Compy chase him off-screen - only for the audience to hear his panicked screams while his blood fills the nearby creek. This was one of several deaths that help the movies more resemble horror.

13 - Ken Wheatley From Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

While Roland from The Lost World had some honor, Wheatley can be considered his dark counterpart, as he hunts like a coward, pulling teeth from captured dinosaurs for his necklace, nearly causes the death of Owen Grady, and does it all for just a paycheck. It's clear that this character is only meant to be hated.

This leads to one of the more entertaining kills in the franchise when he attempts to rip the tooth of the unstable Indoraptor that plays possum to lead him into a trap. After having his arm ripped off by the Indoraptor in a surprisingly bloodless fashion, audiences rooted for the hybrid to finish the job, which it gladly obliged.

12 - The Allosaurus From Battle At Big Rock

Taking place after the events of Fallen Kingdom, this short film directed by Colin Trevorrow surprised fans of the Jurassic franchise and provided a short but delightful story about a family surviving an encounter with several dinosaurs in their camper trailers.

Continuing to embrace the horror side of these prehistoric clones, the fully grown Allosaurus that attacks the family managed to leave an impact in less than 10 minutes, which is very impressive. If this short is meant to give a taste as to what is to come from Jurassic World: Dominion, fans are excited to see more from a world with these creatures.

11 - Dr. Henry Wu From The Jurassic World Movies

After a brief appearance in Jurassic Park, this character has actually been working in secret behind the scenes and in between movies to become a mad scientist that rivals the likes of Dr. Frankenstein. Unlike Hoskins, however, Wu actually brings up a good point about humans being accustomed to being the cat in a 'cat eats canary' world.

The twist of Wu being the villain and creator of hybrids like the Indominus Rex and the Indoraptor was surprising at first, but once fans read the expanded material, his character has become one of the standout human characters across the franchise, whose fate will likely reach an end in Jurassic World: Dominion.

10 - The Feral Raptors From The Lost World: Jurassic Park

These raptors seemed to be absent through most of the movie until the heroes and the hunters reach the long grassy fields, which led to these territorial beasts picking off the humans quicker than Jason Voorhees takes out camp counselors.

After that, it becomes a very intense cat and mouse game through an InGen town, with the pack going after each hero through different buildings. The only downside to these menacing hunters is that one of them is ridiculously taken out by a small girl doing gymnastics in one of the most mocked scenes in the movie.

9 - Dennis Nedry From Jurassic Park

Without this villain, audiences never would have experienced the brilliant adventure that takes the heroes across Isla Nublar to face many dinosaur threats. All of this because of a greedy slob who wouldn't take no for an answer.

Wayne Knight's devious character may not be threatening or imposing, but much like with Wheatley, he's a man with no redeeming qualities to him whatsoever. From the moment he appears to his glorious encounter with the deadly Dilophosaurus, audiences eagerly await his demise and the wait paid off.

8 - The Big One And Her Pack From Jurassic Park

The first dinosaur to kill someone in the franchise was the newest yet most cunning creature to be transferred into the park. Simply nicknamed 'The Big One,' this raptor is proven to be fearsome just from Robert Muldoon's words about her killing most of the pack and making the survivors her betas.

Providing some of the scariest moments from the iconic first film, these raptors are the reason why some people are afraid of kitchens. Fans know this pack of hunters were effective as villains when the movie made them happy to see the other main dinosaur threat of the movie to save the day.

7 - Peter Ludlow From The Lost World: Jurassic Park

The nephew of John Hammond, this InGen director is everything John Hammond was in the book: greedy, no morals, and completely devoid of respect. His entire operation on Isla Sorna is just to make money, which made audiences easily dislike him, but then the way he treats Ian Malcolm and his own uncle is enough to wish for his demise.

Another satisfying death of a villain comes when after everything from Isla Sorna to the destruction in San Diego leads him back to the ship, where he is crippled by the Buck and then finished off by the infant Rex as payback for everything he caused.

6 - The Spinosaurus From Jurassic Park III

While the third film is often considered the worst in the franchise, it did have some redeeming qualities, one of them being the main antagonist: the Spinosaurus. Even before the expanded material revealed that this creature was an accidental hybrid created by Henry Wu, this creature, on its own, was a standout villain from the moment he shows up.

With a unique and bone-chilling roar, green eyes, and an imposing physique, this theropod chases the heroes throughout the movie and seems almost unstoppable. Even with the controversial fight against the Rex, the Spino does have its fans and some are hoping for its return in Jurassic World: Dominion.

5 - Eli Mills From Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Wheatley was bad, Nedry was worse, but then there was Mills, who seems decent enough at first, but as the movie goes on, the more his schemes are unveiled and the worse he gets as a person. He commits more and more acts that make the viewers come to not just hate him, but despise him for everything he does and every word he speaks.

Following Wu, he also has his own bomb to drop on Claire, in which he asks how what he's doing is any different than what she and Owen did in Jurassic World. All this leading to what many fans consider to be the best and satisfying death in the series: when Mills is attacked and murdered by, not one, not two, but three dinosaurs that tear him apart.

4 - The Indoraptor From Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

This unstable and horrifying hybrid is not a dinosaur at all: it is a genetic monster straight out of a horror movie that makes its predecessor look fake in comparison. The moment the Indoraptor escapes from his cage and into the Lockwood Manor, the movie becomes the closest to a horror movie the franchise will probably ever get.

The Indoraptor is a prototype, which is why the creature is constantly twitching and fumbling. It's the dinosaur equivalent to a psychotic murderer who needs a straightjacket, making it more unpredictable and out of control, thus making it scarier.

3 - The Buck And Doe From The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Rexy from the first movie made such an impact that creating new Rex antagonists for the sequel required them to stand out on their own. Luckily, Steven Spielberg nailed it with a father/mother duo that comes close to rivaling the original Rex. There are even some fans of The Lost World who find them to be their favorite Rexes.

Throughout the second movie, the heroes and hunters are constantly being hunted by these angry Rexes who have some great kills (Eddie's, in particular, is a fan favorite), but the Buck steals the show when he arrives in San Diego for a climax that harkens back to movies like GodzillaKing Kong, and The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms.

2 - The Indominus Rex From Jurassic World

Genetically designing a new dinosaur from the DNA of T-Rex and Velociraptor: what could go wrong? The answer is a giant, super smart, and very dangerous monster who feels more threatening due to being more than just an animal attacking humans: she plans, she hunts, she dominates, she is an actual villain.

This creature was so powerful and impossible to kill that it required the combined efforts of three different dinosaurs to take her down: that deserves credit. The creature also represents a social commentary on corporate greed caring more about money and generating more public buzz than the quality of the product.

1 - Rexy From Jurassic Park And More

Though this Queen of Isla Nublar is more along the lines of an anti-hero, she does pose a terrifying threat in her first appearance, with every second of her screentime in the first two acts dedicated to her being a force of nature that likely left some children viewers scarred for life. Her roar has gone down in history as one of Hollywood's most iconic sounds.

Even in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Rexy still provides some thrills and scares for the heroes and villains alike. The opening of this movie definitely brought Rexy back to her roots in a refreshing scene that shows why Rexy will forever be the one true poster child of this franchise. Above any human or dinosaur, she will always reign as Queen.