Thu, 2021-10-07

Paleontologists have described a new genus and species of tardigrade found in a 16-million-year-old piece of amber from the Dominican Republic. Named Paradoryphoribius chronocaribbeus, it is the third fossil tardigrade from Miocene-...

Sat, 2021-10-02

Trilobites are extinct arthropods that dominated the faunas of the...

Wed, 2021-09-29

A new genus and species of extinct predatory bird has been identified from a fossilized partial skeleton unearthed in South Australia.

Tue, 2021-09-28

Paleontologists have analyzed cartilage material from Caudipteryx, an oviraptorosaurid dinosaur that lived in what in now China some 125 million years...

Mon, 2021-09-27

Dinosaur bones are the delight of many museum goers, but everyone, from the youngest dino-fan to the most professional paleontologist, has wondered what these prehistoric beasts might have looked like in the flesh. Unfortunately, most fossils preserve the exact...

Sat, 2021-09-25

Spicomellus afer lived in what is now Morocco during the Middle Jurassic period, some 168 million years ago.

Tue, 2021-09-21

Paleontologists have unearthed and described the fragmentary fossilized remains of a non-pterodactyloid pterosaur in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile.

Sat, 2021-09-18

A new species of the extinct genus Vishnuonyx has been identified from the 11.4-million-year-old lower jaw found at the Upper Miocene site of Hammerschmiede in the...

Sat, 2021-09-18

Paleontologists have discovered tracks and trackways of newborns, calves and juveniles attributed to straight-tusked elephants (Palaeoloxodon antiquus) at the...

Fri, 2021-09-17

Kairuku waewaeroa roamed Earth during the Oligocene Epoch, between 27 and 35 million years ago.