Thu, 2021-01-21

A new genus and species of caimanine alligatorid being named Chinatichampsus wilsonorum has been discovered by a team of paleontologists from Virginia Tech, the University of Texas at Austin, and the University of Iowa.

Thu, 2021-01-21

A bizarre new genus and species of mosasaur with teeth unlike those of any known reptile has been identified from fossils found in Morocco.

Thu, 2021-01-21

Found in a piece of mid-Cretaceous amber from northern Myanmar, the wonderfully-preserved male of Cretophengodes azari has a light organ on...

Sat, 2021-02-06

Bones from giant reptiles were flung into space when the extinction-event asteroid smashed into the Earth 66 million years ago, scientists claim.

Fri, 2021-01-22

Although paleontologists know now much about dinosaurs and their appearance, they have not known anything about how their cloacal region — the all-purpose opening used for defecation, urination and breeding — appears. Paleontologists from the United Kingdom and...

Wed, 2021-01-27

Dr. Laura Chornogubsky, a paleontologist in the Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales ‘Bernardino Rivadavia’ and CONICET, has described one new genus and three new species in the marsupial family...

Wed, 2021-01-27

An international team of paleontologists has examined the fossilized remains of baby tyrannosaurid dinosaurs found in Alberta, Canada, and Montana,...

Tue, 2021-01-19

Titanosaur in Patagonia ‘probably exceeds’ largest known land animal, paleontologists say.

Mon, 2021-01-18

Jurassic Park is a movie that has inspired fans for years, spawning a hugely lucrative franchise that is going strong to this day. Released in 1993, Jurassic Park is based on the novel by science fiction writer Michael...

Sat, 2021-01-16

Dire wolves (Canis dirus) are considered to be one of the most common and widespread large carnivores in...