Jurassic Park’s Hammond Gets Revenge With T-Rex Robot In Movie Art

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

A strange new piece of Jurassic Park fan art imagines the Park's creator, John Hammond, getting revenge by controlling a robotic T-Rex.

John Hammond uses a giant T-Rex robot to get revenge in a new piece of Jurassic Park fan art. As the mastermind behind the fictional dinosaur park first introduced on-screen in 1993, John Hammond was a man filled with ambitious dreams for the future. Insistent on the fact that no expense was spared in the construction of Jurassic Park, things, unfortunately, didn’t work out at all how Hammond had expected them to.

Aside from the ultimate achievement of actually bringing dinosaurs back from extinction, Hammond’s efforts lead to spectacular failures in both Jurassic Park and its 1997 follow up, The Lost World. The world, it seemed, was simply not ready for the responsibility of having real dinosaurs roam the earth once again. And while some looked at the dinosaurs as money-making opportunities, Hammond’s approach was more heartfelt – that of a man who truly wanted to make people happy and educate them about the amazing creatures that dinosaurs were. It wasn’t meant to be, and although watching the on-screen chaos unfold was exciting for audiences, it was hard for many not to feel sorry for Hammond as he watched his dreams die.

Any lingering sympathies that Jurassic Park fans may have for Hammond can now be put to rest with a quick look at some excellent fan art from Paul Jackson. The drawing, called "Hammond's Revenge," offers a completely different perspective on the gentle, dinosaur-loving Hammond, as he literally becomes a T-Rex. Armed with the controls that make this version of the famed king of dinosaurs live, Hammond doesn’t appear to be putting up with any more setbacks. Instead, it’s clear that Hammond’s Revenge is exactly what’s taking place.


There’s a nice sort of dark humor at work in this piece, and it also prompts the question as to exactly who Hammond would target if this plot twist had been a reality. One thing that’s undeniable about it is that Jurassic Park would have been a completely different film had Hammond been able to literally roam around in a dinosaur. It’s hard to imagine the octogenarian taking on other dinosaurs in his park, even when those dinosaurs began to wreak havoc. The character was simply too kind-hearted for that sort of carnage. Still, many fans would agree it could have been spectacular and downright bizarre to watch Hammond man the controls of a T-Rex and engage in battle with a Raptor.

There have been many tributes over the years to Richard Attenborough, who played Hammond. Attenborough passed away in 2014 at the age of 90 and had accrued a sizeable following over his extensive, multi-Oscar winning career. None the less, of all the projects he took part in, it’s safe to say that he likely had never considered that one day, one of his greatest roles would be reimagined in the way that Jackson’s artwork suggests. Jurassic Park fans will never know what Hammond controlling a robot T-Rex could have looked like on-screen, but thanks to Jackson’s artwork, the prospect can live on in fans’ imaginations.

Source: Paul Jackson (via Instagram) originally on https://screenrant.com/