The 10 Best Jurassic Park Movie Posters, Ranked

Saturday, December 21, 2019

The Jurassic Park franchise has managed to cross over generations and still remains popular today. And these 10 posters are fantastically designed.

The Jurassic Park franchise has managed to cross over generations and is still one of the most popular sci-fi movie series today. Based on the best selling book, the series looks at what would happen if Dinosaurs were brought into the modern world.

Every series needs a great marketing campaign and this franchise certainly has that. All the posters on this list are fantastically designed but we've ranked 10 of them in order to see which of these amazing pieces of art, is the best of them all!


This is perhaps the most simple poster on this list. It takes its design from the original posters of the first movie but hasn't developed that concept any further. We like that the claw marks make the sign to show it is the third film however.

There's no tag line attached which is unusual at this stage of the movie industry, but the classic logo is looking better than ever and certainly does the job of reminding audiences of this magical zoo that they are about to embark into.


This is of course a slight variation on the first, although it has added an interesting idea that says a little more about this film. The movie sees these terrifying creatures attack members of the public, so it seems fitting to have it's ominous shadow on the poster.

Apart from this, the poster doesn't push the boundaries anymore. The simple design is absolutely striking though and it does what it needs to. Guests would definitely be scared of entering the park if they saw this poster for it.


The return to the Park for a 3D adventure wasn't the most popular idea but it did mean that we got a cracking new poster. This does a lot in such a small space so we definitely want to point out a few key points. The first is of course that famous car that's driving through the gates.

The gate itself is of course the iconic entrance to the park, showing fans that they will be embarking on a new adventure. The logo is boldly on this gate as well as the notification that this is a 3D film. It's a pretty useful and great design!


While this poster is quite basic it does something very new. This was only the second film of the franchise and announced a new title for the sequel. It carries on the old logo while giving it a fresh coat of paint.

Not only this, the poster has a fantastic tag line which shows the danger will only continue. The fact that something has survived makes audiences wonder what that could possibly be, therefore making them return to cinemas.


From the original film, this unused poster teases some of what's in store for cinema goers. Those classic gates and car are on full display once again and it's made clear that this is a Spielberg film. The 65 million years in the waiting line is also a nice touch.

The T-rex on the moon also gives an ominous presence to this film. It's such a big part of the movie that it's nice to see it featured on a full moon, taking us back to the famous scene with the goat and the vibrating water.


Another poster from the original film and once again it makes use of that logo, although in a much less prominent way. It also mentions Steven Spielberg once again, who became even more well known after this fantastic piece of work.

The use of the eye is quite a powerful image however. It invokes various terrifying scenes from the film and showcases the nightmares audience members might be having. It's a great piece of design and memorable on this list.


This soft reboot poster is a huge departure from what we traditionally see. It features the new logo, which is obviously inspired by the old one and actually prominently features a character from the film, which is rare compared to the rest.

Not only that, the character comes face to face with the main 'villain' of the film; one of the most monstrous creatures ever seen in this franchise. It's a huge juxtaposition between the order inside the park and the craziness of the wildlife outside.


The sequel to the last film invokes the classic tag lines of previous posters, with the life finds a way slogan. The T-rex, one of the most famous dinosaurs in these films, is also a major part of the poster after his return in the last film.

The huge action set piece of the volcano has been teased in the background and elements of the last film, including the ball that guests can ride around in, have also been included. What's more, one of the main characters of the series can actually be seen.


This was one of the big reveals for one of the newest films of the franchise, with star Chris Pratt riding his motorcycle as his legion of dinosaurs run alongside him. It's a cool scene from the film and absolutely worth putting on a poster.

The poster reveals that new logo that we previously mentioned and also gives us a hint of what the park would be like; with dense trees populating the background. It's a simple piece of art with no tag lines and no major credits to see.


The very original poster for the first film kick started all the rest and is a great piece of design. It's a simple approach but a really effective one. The black background draws focus to that red and yellow logo which really pops on the page .

The tag line, about 65 millions years in the making, has its return here as does Spielberg's name. Although it's far more simple compared to others on this list, the original has to be ranked highest because it really inspired everything that followed; it has certainly aged well.