Thu, 2018-06-21

It may seem like the animatronic and CGI dinos of the Jurassic Park franchise have been lumbering along for eternity. But long,...

Fri, 2018-06-22

Every year, a handful of rare dinosaur skeletons are auctioned into private hands for astronomical sums. But paleontologists fear that the private fossil trade ends up costing science, and the public, a huge amount in lost knowledge.


Tue, 2018-06-19

If dinosaur fever was going to reheat amidst the rash of reboots, it had to be through Jurassic Park. Its critical caliber towers over...

Tue, 2018-06-19

The 5 "Jurassic Park" installments, the blockbuster film series, have expanded its already huge fan base of pint-sized paleontologists....

Thu, 2018-06-07

Fallen Kingdom’s main twist — if you can use that term for something that’s spoiled extensively in the trailers — is that Mills is actually trying to capture the dinosaurs so he can sell them on the black market.

Thu, 2018-06-07

More critical writers said the plot falls apart and doesn’t make much sense, and characters are a little underwhelming.

Tue, 2018-06-19

An eight-metre high, 20-metres long Tyrannosaurus rex newly-installed at Canberra's popular dinosaur museum would have towered above...

Sun, 2018-06-17

Marissa France, 12, met the dinosaur on Saturday she designed at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher as part of a dinosaur coloring contest.

Sat, 2018-06-16

Can you imagine how difficult that must be, to have the coolest animals that ever walked the earth at your disposal and still make a wack flick?

Fri, 2018-06-08

Five years after it was discovered in Wyoming, the bones of the creature - it still has no name - have been sold at auction to a private art collector for $2.36 million on Monday, exhuming a debate that is at once economic, political and ethical....