Sat, 2021-09-25

Little did he know then that his love of dinosaurs would lead to a career as a paleontologist. Since the day his father brought home a special gift for him -- a toy dinosaur set -- after a business trip, Kirkland has spent nearly 50 years traveling the world...

Tue, 2021-09-21

What toddler doesn’t love pretending to be a dinosaur or hugging a giant plush Tyrannosaurus rex? Dinosaur toys are great immersive fun for toddlers and parents to enjoy together. Dinosaur toys come in a variety of styles, from figurines to robot dinosaurs to...

Sat, 2021-09-18

Several leaks claim that the Jurassic Park Horror FPS Game is in the works. According to some leaks and rumours, the game will be developed by the same team that also made the game, ...

Thu, 2021-09-16

These quick tips will help you earn more money fast in Jurassic World Evolution, so you can afford more dinosaurs.

Wed, 2021-09-15

What better representation of commercial failure and human folly than Jurassic Park III, the ugly duckling of...

Sun, 2021-09-12

Contracts can be a lucrate source of income in Jurassic World Evolution, here's what to look for and how to profit from contracts.

Tue, 2021-09-07

A new trademark filing by Universal City Studios found online may be a sign that Jurassic Park is getting yet another mobile game.

Sat, 2021-09-04

The word's largest known triceratops skeleton, 'Big John', will be up for auction on 21 October at Paris, where it is expected to fetch up to €1.5m.

Thu, 2021-09-02

Yeyuna's Jurassic Architect is now available on Steam and allows players to build their own high-tech colony in the dangerous age of dinosaurs.

Thu, 2021-09-09

Raising a dinosaur was never going to be a simple task. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping on top of your dino's needs, and keeping them happy.