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Sun, 2019-03-31

Paleontologists from Hokkaido University in Japan, in cooperation with paleontologists from the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas, have discovered the first-confirmed occurrence of a lambeosaurine (crested ‘duck-bille...

Sat, 2019-03-30

The beginning of the end started with violent shaking that raised giant waves in the waters of an inland sea in what is now North Dakota.

Tue, 2019-04-30

If a new study is correct, Sue, the Field Museum’s iconic T. rex and one of the world’s great natural history artifacts, has been surpa...

Fri, 2019-03-29

The national park on the site where George Washington and the struggling Continental Army endured a tough winter during the American Revolution boasts a new feature that’s a couple of hundred million years old – dozens of fossilized di...

Sat, 2019-03-30

The remains belonged to the most powerful carnivore of Argentina's Quaternary Period.

Tue, 2019-04-02

Quaternary is the current and most recent of the three periods of the Cenozoic Era...

Fri, 2019-03-29

Carcharocles megalodon, also known simply as the Megalodon or “Meg,” is arguably the largest macro-predator the world...

Thu, 2019-03-28

If you ponder mammoths, certain species of which died out a mere 3,000 or so years ago, their existence is but a breath away from our own. Echoes of their lives can be seen in today’s elephants, which lumber across our world in ways th...

Wed, 2019-03-27

They're calling it the "Jurassic Mile," where dinosaurs once chased prey through muck and some of the biggest creatures of 150 million years ago lumbered over a tropical flood plain.

Wed, 2019-03-27

A vast floodplain 10 times the size of the Amazon delta existed during the early days of the dinosaurs. It is the largest known delta from Earth’s history and may have been a crucial habitat.