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Thu, 2020-10-29

Paleontologists have described new fossils of pelagornithid birds from the middle Eocene Submeseta Formation on Seymour Island, Antarctica.

Tue, 2020-10-27

About 50 million years ago, the Indian subcontinent was drifting closer to Asia and squeezing out the Tethys Sea along its northern fringes.

Tue, 2020-10-27

A new genus and species of elasmosaurid plesiosaur has been identified by an international team of paleontologists led by ...

Tue, 2020-10-27

Amber fossils are like a time capsule, preserving the three-dimensional structure of animals, plants,...

Sun, 2020-10-25

Terrifying, huge, the stuff of nightmares, dinosaurs once roamed across Derbyshire and these massive beasts have certainly left their mark on our imaginations.

Sat, 2020-10-24

I thought I would start off with a bang so we are going to take a look at the most badass predator of all time: Tyrannosaurus rex (or T....

Fri, 2020-10-23

The evidence has actually been in plain sight. The Psittacosaurus – a kind of early ...

Fri, 2020-10-23

Millions of years ago, several species of crocodiles of different genera and characteristics inhabited Europe and sometimes even coexisted. But among all these species, it was thought unlikely that crocodiles of the genus Crocodylus, o...