This Jurassic Park Birth Announcement Video Is Brilliantly Stupid

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Ryan Porter/YouTube

We can't stop watching.

There are Jurassic Park fans—and then there are Jurassic Parkfans who record their pregnancy announcement as one of the scenes from the 1993 blockbuster. Which is what one couple attempted to do, resulting in a video that’s nothing if not hilarious.

“This September, Life Finds a Way…” reads the caption of the video, titled “Jurassic Baby Porter.” In the clip, dad-to-be Ryan Porter simply superimposed the heads of him and his expecting wife on the movie’s characters. And instead of discovering a dinosaur, the pair discovers a sonogram showing their future little one, with newborn crying noises in the background.

“It’s a baby,” Porter says at the end of the video, as the couple gets out of their Jeep to get closer to the floating sonogram. The cheesy clip then closes with Jeff Goldblum’s iconic line, “You did it. You crazy son of a bitch, you did it.”

And the Porters aren’t the first ones to announce their pregnancy a la Steven Spielberg’s flick. When one Texas couple found out that they were going to have a fifth child, they decided to tell their friends and family with a Jurassic Park-themed photoshoot. Mom and Dad, plus the four kids, dressed up in inflatable T-rex costumes and held a tiny blow-up dinosaur in their arms.

“Since we are big Jurassic World fans and a really quirky and down-to-earth kind of family, it seemed SO fitting!” mom Nicole Berkley told POPSUGAR, adding that both her kids and everyone who received the announcement thought it was hysterical.