Jurassic World: 10 Worst Decisions Made By The Movie's Main Characters

Monday, February 8, 2021

Jurassic World was an exciting film but a lot of what happened boiled down to some truly awful decisions made by the main characters in the story.

After the Jurassic Park franchise had fizzled out following the third movie, it was brought back from extinction thanks to the massively successful Jurassic World. The movie took place years after the events of the first movie and fulfilled the promise of opening the theme park filled with dinosaurs which inevitably goes terribly wrong.

The movie was hugely successful financially, but many fans felt it fell far short of the original. The most common complaint was in regards to the characters who were not only uninteresting but also made many some really poor decisions throughout the movie, making it hard to fully root for them.

10 - Building A Theme Park Near An Active Volcano

The best aspect of Jurassic World is seeing the park open in all of its glory with various attractions and rides to entertain the guests. But there is a fatal flaw about the park that is not introduced until the next movie but was certainly still an issue in this movie.

In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, it is revealed that the remaining dinosaurs are at risk because a volcano on the island is about to blow and kill everything. The thing is, volcanos do not spring up overnight which means they must have known about it when making the park and didn't think that far ahead.

9 - Wearing High Heels

One of the main characters in the movie is Claire Dearing who is the work-obsessed manager of the park who must become the hero to save the lives of the visitors and her nephews. However, the thing most people remember about the character is her terrible choice of footwear.

Being the workaholic corporate person that she is, Claire spends the entire movie running about the jungle from dangerous dinosaurs while wearing high heels. Not since John McClane in Die Hard has a hero been so careless with their selection of footwear.

8 - Going Off The Trail

It would not be a Jurassic Park movie unless there were some innocent kids in danger. But it was a lot harder to be scared for two boys in this movie, Gray and Zach, because they put themselves in danger with an obviously terrible decision.

While exploring the park inside one of the futuristic Gyrospheres, they find an open gate the warns guests not to go past. But being the adventurous young lads that they are, they ignore the signs and venture on. Never once did they think if that gate might have been for their own protection against the man-eating dinos.

7 - Flying A Helicopter

With John Hammond dead long before the movie begins, the new man in charge is Simon Masrani. He has a mix of the corporate greed that has always been the villain of this franchise but also shares the wonder and excitement of the park that Hammond had.

When the deadly Indominus Rex escapes and begins wreaking havoc, Masrani decides to take matters into his own hands, piloting a helicopter to chase down the rampaging beast. However, since Masrani is still learning to fly, he ends up crashing, freeing more dinosaurs, and dying in the process.

6 - Weaponizing Raptors

One of the most controversial aspects of Jurassic World was the use of the raptors. While these killer dinos were the terrifying villains of the first movie, this new version has the badass hero Owen Grady training and befriending them.

For some reason, the military seems to think that trained raptors would be the ultimate weapon and enlists them to take on the Indominus Rex. Predictably, the raptors turn on the army guys and attack them.

5 - Letting The T-Rex Out

At the end of the movie, most of the island has been evacuated except for the heroes who find themselves trapped by the Indominus Rex. Knowing that they cannot defeat the monster on their own, they decide to release the original T-Rex so it can battle the Indominus Rex.

While this works out as they planned, the success of the plan was purely coincidental. There was no guarantee that the T-Rex would be interested in fighting the Indominus Rex and nothing to stop it from trying to eat the humans as well.

4 - Going Inside The Paddock

Since the Indominus Rex is the newest attraction and not yet ready for the public, it is kept inside its own special paddock. However, there is considerable alarm when a scan of the paddock shows no heat signature from the dinosaur.

Thinking it had escaped, Owen and several other workers go inside the paddock to investigate when they are quickly attacked by the Indominus Rex who was hiding. Since it is a massive dinosaur, there were probably better ways to search for it besides going inside.

3 - Not Evacuating The Park Earlier

After killing most of the workers inside the paddock, the Indominus Rex flees into the jungle meaning the most powerful and dangerous dinosaur in the park is out in the open. Instead of evacuating the island, they send in a team to capture the beast.

After the dinosaur kills the team, they still decide the financial impact of closing the island would be too devastating so they remain open until the visitors begin getting attacked, leading to a lot more casualties.

2 - Making The Indominus Rex

As this list makes very clear, a lot of trouble would have been avoided if the park owners had simply not decided to create their own super dinosaur. The idea that the world would get sick of seeing regular old dinosaurs after a few decades is ridiculous and a special dinosaur is totally unnecessary.

Not only did they not need to cook up a dinosaur in a lab, but they really shouldn't have given it the ability to camouflage and communicate with raptors.

1 - Opening The Park

As fun as it is to see the park up and running in this movie, the whole concept of Jurassic World is hard to take. The idea of filling a park with dinosaurs and then having people come to visit that park seems like a bad idea to begin with but that point was confirmed with the events of the first movie.

After the park falls apart and several people are eaten, it's hard to believe anyone would get behind the idea of giving it another shot.

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