Sat, 2018-05-26

Researchers have figured out how the genome of a dinosaur might have looked by studying turtles and birds.

Sat, 2018-05-26

Scientists have discovered fossilised dandruff on the skin of a feathered Microraptor.


Fri, 2018-05-25

Unsurprisingly for the time, all these giants of science were men. Any woman who wanted to participate in the scientific world had to do so behind the scenes, which often meant they didn’t get the credit they deserved for major breakthroughs and discoveries....

Sat, 2018-05-26

After the most fatal asteroid struck Chicxulub in Mexico near about sixty-six million years ago ending the dinosaur age,...

Sun, 2018-05-27

Mass extinctions aren’t fun times. There’s a reason (usually more than one, actually) species disappear in droves. Untangling...

Wed, 2018-05-23

Scientists sacrifice countless hours and dollars to further their understanding of basically, everything. But it is far from the only sacrifice scientists are willing to make in the name of science.

Thu, 2018-05-24

As more is understood about dinosaurs, for the most part, our perceptions of them have changed.  But some myths...

Sat, 2018-05-12

A discovery by scientists at the University of Kent has provided significant insight into the overall genome structure of dinosaurs.


Mon, 2018-05-21

Forget the gray, green and brown dinosaurs in the “Jurassic Park” movies. Paleontologist Jack Horner wants to transport people back in time to...

Thu, 2018-05-24

In 2006 a team of paleontologists in Utah were examining the fossils of a large dinosaur when they discovered beneath its foot a tiny skull unlike anything they had seen in the area.