Wed, 2018-05-16

Imagine a hummingbird sitting on a tiny nest filled with even teenier eggs. Adorable, right? Now picture a dinosaur the size of a fully grown hippopotamus settling onto its eggs—sounds like a recipe for a dinosaur omelet.

Tue, 2018-05-15

AN ASTONISHING breakthrough has raised hopes that a real-life Ice Age Jurassic Park could be just around the corner.

Mon, 2018-05-14

Paleontologists have actually found a Jurassic fossil tail, which could be the missing out on web link in the family tree of crocodiles.

Sat, 2018-05-12

The discovery of Llanocetus denticrenatus — an ancient whale species that swam in Antarctic waters 34 million years ago, during a...

Sun, 2016-05-15

There is arguably no dinosaur on dinosaur conflict that is more depicted and sensationalized then Tyrannosaurus vs...

Fri, 2015-06-19

Tsintaosaurus has always been an oddball ...

Mon, 2018-05-07

The discovery of a 475-million-year-old trilobite exoskeleton in Tennessee recently is a glimpse into an ancient past....

Wed, 2018-05-09

When adults think about dinosaurs, we tend to go straight to the marquee names—the T. rex and...

Sat, 2018-05-05

Utah State Parks is asking for help to stop vandalism of dinosaur tracks at Red Fleet State Parks.

Sun, 2018-05-06

An 11-year-old girl from Tennessee stumbled upon a rare fossil that was 475 million years old.