Sat, 2020-06-06

Paleontologists at St Petersburg University created the most detailed virtual 3D-model of the endocranial cast and blood vessels of the head of an ...

Fri, 2020-06-05

Paleontologists in Canada have analyzed the fossilized stomach contents from the exceptionally preserved specimen of ...

Tue, 2020-06-02

Dinosaurs have been the subject of paintings, movies, cartoons, books, museums, and much more. For years, dinosaurs have captivated human imagination and inspired creativity.

Mon, 2020-06-01

A team of University of Rhode Island scientists and statisticians conducted a sophisticated quantitative analysis of a mass extinction that occurred 215 million years ago and found that the cause of the extinction was not an asteroid or climate change, as had...

Fri, 2020-05-29

Not everyone can have those T. rex, leading-man good looks.

Sat, 2020-05-30

An analysis of the fossilized vertebrate remains from the Jurassic Mygatt-Moore Quarry in Colorado has revealed the bones of a theropod dinosaur called Allosaurus...

Wed, 2020-05-27

A clear picture is emerging of why the asteroid that struck Earth 66 million years ago was so catastrophic.

Tue, 2020-05-26

Dinosaurs are a diverse group of mostly land-based animals that are related to today's reptiles and birds. 

Sat, 2020-05-16

In the age of giant reptiles, sauropods were the biggest of all. Long-tailed, long-necked species like Diplodocus and...

Fri, 2020-05-15

Non-avian theropod dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex relied less on speed, more on energy-saving, according to a...