Wed, 2021-06-23

The end-Permian mass extinction — the most severe extinction event in the past 540 million years — was caused by massive volcanic eruptions in...

Tue, 2021-06-22

An extinct species of dwarf elephant experienced a weight and height reduction of 8,000kg and almost two meters after evolving from one of the largest land mammals that ever lived, a new study has confirmed.

Tue, 2021-06-22

The 110-million-year-old footprints discovered in Kent, southern England, were left by three types of dinosaurs, including theropod, ornithopod, and ankylosaur dinosaurs.

Sat, 2021-06-26

Talk about a blast from the past.

Sat, 2021-06-19

New research suggests that as T. rex rose to dominance, their young took over the ecological role of...

Sat, 2021-06-19

A new species of the giant rhinoceros genus Paraceratherium has been identified from the fossilized remains found in Gansu Province, northwestern China.

Wed, 2021-06-16

In 2020, paleontologists described an ancient species, Oculudentavis khaungraae, based on a tiny skull trapped in a piece of...

Sat, 2021-06-12

It is time to meet Australotitan cooperensis, a new species of giant sauropod from Eromanga in southwest...

Sat, 2021-06-12

Paleoclimatologists have precisely reconstructed monthly sea surface temperatures at around 50 °N latitude from fossil shells of bivalve mollusks that lived during the Campanian...

Mon, 2021-06-07

A recent poll has found that a lot of Americans need to do some reading up on their knowledge of dinosaurs.