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Fri, 2018-03-23

Paleontologists rarely find a complete skeleton from a prehistoric beast. Sometimes, they find only a skull, a tooth or a vertebra and have to make guesses about the creature based on minimal evidence. Where did the rest of the remains...

Thu, 2018-03-22

The elaborate frills and horns of a group of dinosaurs including Triceratops and...

Wed, 2018-03-21

Mongolia is working to recover dinosaur fossils which were illegally trafficked into South Korea and France, the Department for Economic Crime of the Mongolian General Police Department said Monday....

Thu, 2018-03-22

The Arkansas legislature resolved last year that Arkansaurus Fridayi was the state's official dinosaur and that was good.

Thu, 2018-03-22

Fossilised faeces and holes in ancient jawbones show that dinosaurs, like modern animals, were plagued by parasites.

Thu, 2018-03-22

Pangea was assembled from other earlier continents about 300 million years ago. It began to break up at the end of the...

Fri, 2013-09-27

The ancient fossil, just discovered in China, could upend our understanding of how all vertebrates evolved over time.

Sat, 2018-03-17

There are few movies quite as iconic as Jurassic Park. The 1993 Steven Spielberg classic is beloved by cinephile...

Fri, 2018-03-16

Paleontologists have just discovered 66-million-year-old fossils that belong to six new species of pterosaurs, which are prehistoric flying reptiles.

Fri, 2018-03-16

A complete new examination taking a gander at varieties in Ichthyosaurus, a typical British Jurassic ichthyosaur (maritime reptile) otherwise called ‘Ocean Dragons’...