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Thu, 2019-03-14

Steven Spielberg, who is the original Jurassic Park director confirmed that Colin Trevorrow would be coming back to work as the director of the third part.

Wed, 2019-03-13


Mon, 2019-03-11

Othniel Charles Marsh and his fossil hunters discovered about 500 new species of animals.

Thu, 2019-03-14

A team of Japanese and Russian scientists has resurrected the cells of a female baby woolly mammoth named Yuka in a major step towards possibl...

Sat, 2019-03-09

"There is no internet connection." Are there any more terrifying words in the English language? Okay, yes, lots of them. Still, losing internet access i...

Thu, 2019-03-07

When it first came out, the original Jurassic Park movie was absolutely brilliant. It had it all. Action, adventure, not to...

Fri, 2019-03-08

Using computer simulations and 3-D models, palaeontologists from the University of Bristol have uncovered more detail on how...

Thu, 2019-03-07

VR Technology can unlock many different use cases in the coming years. For the American Museum of Natural History, bringing dinosaurs back to life is an option worth exploring. Through the “T. Rex: The Ultimate Predator” exhi...

Thu, 2019-03-07

Scientists largely agree that an asteroid impact, possibly coupled with intense volcanic activity, wiped out the dinosaurs at the en...

Tue, 2019-03-05

Metro’s purple line expansion leads to Ice Age fossil discoveries. The fossils found include remains of giant ground sloths, mammoths and bisons.