Would Jurassic Park Ever Make A Good Theme Park?

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Would a park full of dinosaurs ever be a good idea? What would stop it from being successful, and how would the world react to it?

Jurassic Park the book released in November of 1990 and got a movie not three years later in June of 1993. It's now one of the biggest franchises in the world. Although some of the science in the story is not exactly possible, if for some reason there was a way for dinosaurs to actually exist, would it make a good theme park? If it didn't, what would stop it from being so? And how would the world react to it happening?

In the first Jurassic Park film, paleontologists dig up mosquitoes that have fed on the blood of dinosaurs and been fossilized in amber. They extract the blood from the mosquito and fill in any DNA gaps with amphibian DNA. This becomes a blueprint to make another dinosaur from. The park has dangerous carnivores and giant herbivores. After an incident with a raptor leaves an employee dead, the park now faces being shut down. That is unless they can get approval from lawyers, scientists, and paleontologists to go ahead and open. And of course, everything goes wrong. The dinosaurs get out and people die. Dinosaurs once again taking over the land.

So now that people know what not to do, would it ever be a good idea to make this a park? Do these animals, who haven't existed in millions of years, have a right to live if it's possible? If the answer is yes, then that is one of the only reasons to ever create a theme park of dinosaurs. If dinosaurs deserve to be alive, then a theme park where they could be observed and contained wouldn't be the worst idea ever. Regardless of someone's view on zoos and aquariums, the animals being viewed there are just as dangerous. A dinosaur might be larger and stronger than the average zoo animal, but they are just as unpredictable and vicious as lions, tigers, and bears. Even hippos are quite dangerous. Because of that, it is possible a dinosaur theme park could work.

For obvious reasons, something that would keep a Jurassic World theme park from being a good idea is if there was no proper fencing or containments for the animals. If there was even a chance of a dinosaur getting free, it would be a bad idea. Even if the animals deserve to live, it would be in the world's best interest to not create some of the larger or more dangerous ones. Especially if scientists and engineers weren't even sure how things would go first yet.

There's also the effect this would have on the ecosystem to consider. This would undoubtedly have an effect on climate change and therefore the ecosystem. These animals would need a large area to roam around. They would need lots of vegetation or meat to stay fed. And they would need tons of water daily. The amount of energy and resources needed to keep the dinosaurs alive and well while not allowing open range for them to hunt each other would devastate the world.

If dinosaurs were allowed to be recreated into existence, then their environment would have to be brought back to life. It would need to be hot and forested. And some of the plants they are used to that are also extinct would need to be recreated to keep things from becoming too chaotic. It wouldn't be fair to the animals to expect them to have to adapt so much all at once, and it could cause something bad to happen to the animals if they are not cared for properly.

One of the only other positive things that could come out of making a dinosaur theme park would be to observe and record the animals for scientific purposes. It could tell the world more about its past and therefore help it to determine its future. This would create more jobs, and help to raise money for worthy causes or to stimulate the economy. But the negative effects it would have on the world would be far too severe for it to be worth it.

The world would also have to consider if it would even be morally right to throw people and dinosaurs together. Because if it wasn't right for both people and the animals, then it would be a morally wrong decision. These animals have been dead and extinct for millions of years, and to bring them back into existence would not benefit the animals in any way. If this somehow was ever a good idea that wouldn't hurt the ecosystem, then it would be very cool to see. Paired with the fame of dinosaurs thanks to the Jurassic Park franchise, a theme park with the animals would be successful in terms of profit. But like Ian Malcolm says, just because something can be done doesn't mean it should be.

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