Chrome's Offline Dinosaur is Now an Actual Toy You Can Buy, and it is Outstanding

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Chrome Dino

"There is no internet connection." Are there any more terrifying words in the English language? Okay, yes, lots of them. Still, losing internet access is no laughing matter in this hyper-connected age. What are you supposed to do without the internet? Read a book. Psh, not likely. Chrome's dinosaur error page has been with us for a long time, helping to calm nerves during those periods of disconnection. Starting next week, you can have the Chrome dino on your desk all the time with these Dead Zebra figurines.

The set includes the T-rex and four cacti—everything you need to recreate the ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED screen on your desk. The dino is about three inches tall, and the cacti are between two and three inches. They're all ABS plastic and acrylic with permanently attached base plates for stability (unlike your internet connection, am I right?).

The box also has that familiar and ultimately useless checklist of things to try when the internet is down. On the opposite side, it has the game over screen from the dino endless runner you can play while waiting for the internet to come back. By the way, you can play that by going to chrome://dino. Dead Zebra will begin sales of the set March 11th at 11AM EDT. It'll retail for $24, and most of the AP team is planning to buy it.

Source: Dead Zebra