T. Rex Had Bushy Red Eyebrows and Freckles, BBC2 Documentary Reveals

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Presenter Chris Packham comes face to face with a T. rex - but not as we know it

A new BBC2 documentary, entitled The Real T-Rex with Chris Packham, sees experts re-imagine what the dinosaur would have looked like based on the latest research - and viewers may be surprised by what it suggests about the creature.

PALAEONTOLOGISTS have revealed that early science and popular culture have got it all wrong when it comes to the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Scientists in the show claim that it had orange markings around its eyes, as well as black feathers.

And while it is portrayed in Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park as being green and having a huge roar, experts now believe it was instead black and produced a rumble that was barely audible.

It is thought that the creature may instead have more in common with birds, following analysis of dinosaur bones, teeth and skin.

The T. rex actually had freckles and red eyebrows, according to the new documentary

In the show, Packham claims that it would have had "a light patching of feathery bristles strategically placed for social display".

And as well as having orange markings around its eyes - as if it had red eyebrows - the T-Rex may also have had a biological pigment that produces freckles.

But despite the show claiming that there are many misconceptions about the T-Rex, there is one thing for certain: it was a fierce predator.

The T. rex has been portrayed differently in popular films such as Jurassic Park