Q & A

Fri, 2019-09-20

Dinosaurs: The Myth-Busting Guide to Prehistoric Beasts (2019, Happy Fox Books) is a collection of reprinted, full-color BBC Science Focus magazine articles from 2017 and 2019, available in...

Sat, 2019-09-14

Road cuts and digging at construction sites sometimes lead to the discovery of fossils and archaeological sites. As we reported earlier this summer, a triceratops was ...

Thu, 2019-09-05

Pigment discovered in fossilised remains may explain how the ancient animals’ bodies worked.

Wed, 2019-08-21

When people think of a paleontologist, they usually picture a grizzled paleontologist gently sweeping dust away from a perfectly articulated dinosaur skeleton. In this scenario, the...

Fri, 2019-08-16

There is so much to learn about the extraordinary creatures who once upon a time were the kings of the world. Even after 200 years since the first dinosaur was found and dug up, we don’t know nearly enough about those scary and enigmatic creatures. Therefore,...

Fri, 2019-08-09

Fossils are in fashion, with private buyers snapping up prehistoric remains online and at auction but the trend is raising concerns within the scientific...

Tue, 2018-01-09

There are some things we might never know about dinosaurs. What colors were they? What did they sound like? How did T. rex apply sunscreen? Lucky for us, science...

Thu, 2019-07-25

For palaeontologists in the field, few techniques have changed much since the early days of dinosaur hunting.

Thu, 2019-07-18

Every once in a while, a scientific matter will spill into the courtroom — this is the case with the “dueling dinosaurs” fossil, which has sparked a major property rights dispute that may be extremely important for paleontology.

Tue, 2019-07-16

Have you seen the movies Jurassic Park and Jurassic World? The first one came out in 1993, when your parents were probably kids. The second one came out much later in 2015, when they were already grownups.