Exploring Prehistoric Life

Thu, 2017-08-17

It is believed to be the largest cluster of sauropod footprint fossils ever found in China dating from the early Jurassic period, Xinhua news agency...

Sun, 2017-08-13

These ancient carnivores would have been about twice as large as the wolves, lions and hyenas we know today.

Wed, 2017-08-09

The Devonian is a geologic period and system of the Paleozoic Era spanning from the end of the ...

Mon, 2017-08-07

The Silurian (443.7 to 416.0 million years ago)* was a time when the Earth underwent considerable changes that had important repercussions for the environment and life within it.

Sun, 2017-08-06

The Ordovician Period lasted almost 45 million years, beginning 488.3 million years ago and ending 443.7 million years ago.

Sun, 2017-08-06

Pliosaurus is a genus of thalassophonean pliosaurid known from the Kimmeridgian and Tithonian stages (Late...

Sat, 2017-08-05

Kronosaurus is a genus of short-necked pliosaur.

Thu, 2017-08-03

Paleontologists have discovered fossils of a 2-m-long lobster-like animal that lived in the seas of what is now Morocco during the early Ordovician period...

Thu, 2017-08-03

Major extinction events are nothing new for the planet, but species are now dying out at an...

Thu, 2017-08-03

...it was difficult to visualize what the complete skull would have looked like in life.