Thousands Deeply Dippy About Dinosaur

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Dippy the diplodocus

Dippy the Dino has stomped into the Midlands - attracting thousands of visitors on his tour - and he's around for a few more weeks.

The Natural History Museum’s famous Diplodocus, known as Dippy, has brought in over 200,000 visitors since he arrived at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in May.

But there's still time to embark on a natural history adventure with the popular dino staying in the heart of Birmingham until September 9.

Dippy the diplodocus

In what is the second leg of his UK tour, Dippy arrived in the Midlands on May 26, and has since pulled in a huge number of visitors that can learn about how modern day birds evolved from dinosaurs.

The full skeleton cast in its displayed pose is a huge 21.3 metres long, 4.3 metres wide and 4.25 metres high.

Dippy the diplodocus

The exhibition explores how features characteristic of modern day birds, such as feathers and nests, first appeared in dinosaurs.

It also shows the diversity of birds and how they evolved to become one of the most successful groups of animals inhibiting the planet, from the oceans of Antarctica to tropical rainforests.