Instinction Looks Like Jurassic Park Trespasser 2

Monday, June 14, 2021

The upcoming dinosaur horror survival game, Instinction, looks like it could be a spiritual successor to the Jurassic Park game Trespasser.

Although E3 2021 featured a new installment into the Jurassic Park game franchise with Jurassic World Evolution 2's new trailer, Hashbane's Instinction may have set the bar in terms of expectations for dinosaur-based games. The small New Zealand developer showcased some impressive content during E3's Future Game Show in a brand new trailer, harkening back to a time of gaming that might feel as though it was 65 million years ago.

Instinction was initially announced earlier in February 2021 with a concept trailer. Though the trailer didn't turn the heads of many casual gamers, the premise of a modern dinosaur horror survival game certainly appealed to many. Hashbane has previously said that Instinction is meant to be somewhat of a spiritual successor to Capcom's Dino Crisis games from the early 2000s. However, the trailer also invokes an even older dinosaur survival game.

The Instinction trailer, which debuted at E3 (via Games Radar), features a semi-futuristic laboratory populated by humans. However, they are not alone as the woods and landscape around them are filled with dinosaurs. In the trailer, several dinosaurs which appeared to be Triceratops, Pterodactyl, and Spinosaurus, roamed the landscape while hunting (or being hunted by) the humans. The human characters shown are equipped with modern weapons, so it does not seem that Instinction is set in the very distant future.

The trailer features many scenes of lush landscapes and a vast valley, though it is not clear where Instinction takes place. There is also little known about the plot of the game, save for the text line "we came to protect them." It would appear, therefore, that the game takes place at some research facility. It may also be possible that there will be human enemies or some other external force attacking the dinosaurs that players may have to combat.

While the game has drawn comparisons to Dino Crisis, it's hard to not draw comparisons to another, even older, dinosaur survival game: Trespasser. The game, released in 1998, was itself a spiritual sequel to The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Taking place on year after the events of the movie, the player found themselves stranded on Isla Sorna, needing to evade dinosaurs and seek rescue. Trespasser even featured the voice of Richard Attenborough, who played Jurassic Park founder John Hammond in the first two movies of the series. Though not as well-known as Dino Crisis, the Trespasser game was notable for its stripped-down gameplay. Whichever game players draw comparisons to, Instinction looks to be a worthy successor.

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