Google's Latest Doodle Featuring Dinosaurs Created by a Second Grader

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

This Google Doodle featuring dinosaurs was created by second grader Sarah Gomez-Lane, as part of a contest to create the company's logo. (Photo: Google)

A second grader dreamt up Google's latest playful take on its logo.

The design published Tuesday featuring a variety of dinosaurs forming the Google logo was part of the company's annual Doodle 4 Google contest, where students enter their own creations.

The winning logo for 2018 is by Sarah Gomez-Lane, a second-grade student from Falls Church, Va. She responded to this year's theme, "what inspires me," by creating the dino-friendly logo to share her hopes of becoming a paleontologist.

For the first time, the winner of the contest collaborated with Google designers to create an animated version of the logo. For example, the T-rex at the beginning will play a trumpet, while another dinosaur gobbles up an ice cream cone in one bite.

Gomez-Lane will receive $30,000 toward a college scholarship, Google said, and her school will get $50,000 to spend on technology.

Any student from kindergarten through 12th grade can enter the contest. Google is accepting submissions for the 2019 contest through March 18.