Triceratops Skull Exposed at Cincinnati Museum Center

Friday, September 20, 2019

Paleontologists at the Cincinnati Museum are removing a Triceratops skull from its protective plaster, burlap and toilet paper covering before they remove the rock from around it. (Source: WXIX)

Have a child who loves dinosaurs? They may be interested in some work that’s going on right now at the Cincinnati Museum Center.

Paleontologists are working on a Triceratops skull that was collected in Montana during a Museum Center dig in 2015.

The skull is still surrounded by the stone in which it was found.

Plaster, burlap and toilet paper were then wrapped around the stone to protect the fossil while it was being transported and stored.

Work will continue on the Triceratops skull in CMC’s Paleontology Lab to remove the rock and stabilize the fossil.

You can watch the paleontologists and see the skull through the lab’s large viewing window near the Museum Center’s Dinosaur Hall.