New Species of Dinosaur Found in Sa Kaeo, Thailand

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Bangkok – The Department of Mineral Resources says dinosaur fossils have been discovered at Phra Prong water reservoir in Tambon Chong Kum in Wattana Nakhon district of Sa Kaeo province.

Titannosaurid fossils have been discovered and are believed to date back to the early Cretaceous period. Fossils of pelvises of large-sized carnivorous dinosaurs have been found as well as those of other creatures in the same period such as two kinds of crocodile’s teeth, three kinds of turtle, two kinds of fish scales and three kinds of shark’s teeth. Since 2002, a total of 62 bones of dinosaurs have been discovered in the compound of Pang Sida national park and found to have belonged to long-necked, long-tailed sauropod dinosaurs which might have been a new species of dinosaur. The department has planned to manage the area where the fossils have been found as a learning center and tourist attraction for Sa Kaeo province.