This Boning Dinosaur Skeleton Exhibit Is Proof that American Museums Are Too Prudish

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Europeans have all the fun: lower drinking ages, funner beaches, easier lifestyles and… dinosaur skeletons having sex in their museums. This exhibit, which clearly shows two T. rexes “mating”, is located in the Jurassic Museum of Asturias in Spain.

A Reddit user recently found the exhibit, which, of course, has long been a conversation starter at MUJA, a museum that has over 8,000 fossils (200 of them being dinosaurs, crocs, fish and tortoises). The copulating dinosaurs are actually replicas and a pseudo-guess on how dinosaurs mated, as no one really knows how they did the deed. The position seems a bit awkward as the girl T. rex’s tail could smack dude T-Rex in the face. Ah, messy logistics.

Either way, with this hilarious dinosaur exhibit, I think the MUJA has sky rocketed to the top of my non-existant “museums I want to go to list”.

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