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Tue, 2021-06-01

Jurassic World: Dominion director Colin Trevorrow says the film's marketing push will begin sooner than expected.

Tue, 2021-06-01

We armchair analyze the circa-1993 autonomous driving tech in the iconic dinosaur movie.

Tue, 2021-06-01

While Jurassic Park fans are divisive about the third movie, they might still want to know how Jurassic Park III was going to be very...

Wed, 2021-06-02

The LEGO Group has finally revealed the four rumoured Jurassic World sets launching later this year, including one seemingly inspired...

Tue, 2021-06-01

Paleontologists have identified a new species of lambeosaurine hadrosaur from fossils found in northern Mexico....

Mon, 2021-05-31

Behind the movie star persona, there's a dinosaur more fascinating than anything Hollywood dreamt up.

Sun, 2021-05-30

Jurassic Park is a beloved franchise, but there haven't been many video games in the series. Here are some games like the...

Fri, 2021-05-28

The Jurassic Park franchise has an opportunity to potentially create a great survival-horror video game. Here are some reasons why.

Thu, 2021-05-27

While the egg was about the same size as those laid by mainland emus, a duo of avian paleontologists from Australia and the United Kingdom used it to calculate the King Island...

Wed, 2021-05-26

Jurassic World proved that a dinosaur theme park could be possible following Jurassic Park, but its creation involved breaking U.S. law.