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Sat, 2018-04-28

A fossil discovered near Kemmerer, Wyoming, may be the first of its kind and is the largest mammal found to date in the 50-million-year-old Green River Formation

Mon, 2018-04-30

The Tasmanian tiger has been extinct for more than 80 years — but that could be about to change.

Fri, 2018-04-27

What started with a little landscaping, turned into an all-out excavation project with local paleontologists gathering and removing the 16,000-year-old bones.

Tue, 2018-05-01

Paraceratherium is a genus of hornless rhinoceros, and one of the largest terrestrial mammals that has ever existed. It lived from the early to late ...

Fri, 2018-04-27

The display also features a section of the Silvisaurus’ armor — a key feature of the dinosaur’s morphology — allowing museum visitors to feel the texture of the plating.

Fri, 2018-04-27

A new two-pronged approach to analyzing dinosaur teeth reveals that, while all of the dinosaurs in the study were meat-eaters, when sidling up to The Old Cretaceous Country Buffet some went for the soft-serve prey and others gravitated...

Fri, 2018-04-27

Between about 10,000 and 15,000 thousand years ago, it was a very different place, with large animals like mammoths, giant ground sloths and humans leaving ghostly footprints etched in the crusty ground.

Fri, 2018-04-27

A national geopark featuring paleontological fossils in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality will open to the public Saturday

Fri, 2018-04-27

"It's incredibly satisfying to know that my career and that the viewing audience that has traveled from the first ['...

Thu, 2018-04-26

Looking at the soft-reboot from 2015, Jurassic World’s themes are more cynical, perhaps reflecting the era in which it was made.