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Thu, 2021-03-11

Paleontologists in China have discovered what they say is the first non-avialan dinosaur fossil known to preserve an adult skeleton atop an egg clutch that contains embryonic remains.

Tue, 2021-03-09

Evolutionary arms races between marine animals overhauled ocean ecosystems on scales similar to the mas...

Tue, 2021-03-09

How is Jurassic World Evolution better than other park builders? There are a few things the game does differently and a few trends it builds off of.

Wed, 2021-03-24

Previously thought of as heavy, slow and sluggish, the 260-million-year-old predator, Anteosaurus, was a ferocious hunter-killer.

Sat, 2021-03-06

Jurassic Park is an almost hallowed property, revered equally among both cinephiles and genre lovers alike. For the casual moviegoer, Jurassic Park is a premier blockbuster, a mélange o...

Sun, 2021-03-07

Paleontologists from home and abroad confirmed in a recently published essay that they have found the largest dinosaur tracksite ever discovered in China in Zhaojue, Sichuan province.

Sat, 2021-03-06

The rare fossil set has been valued in the tens of millions, and it's for good reasons.

Fri, 2021-03-05

While one 90s Jurassic Park game failed to find its own critical success, it did manage to inspire other devs to create their own hilarious titles.

Thu, 2021-03-04

With the recent release of season 2 of Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous on Netflix, the opening of the brand new “Jurassic World VelociCoaster” this summer at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and the sixth film in th...