In the Caves of Uzbekistan, Scientists Stumbled Upon Dinosaur Footprints

Monday, September 3, 2018

In the caves of Uzbekistan, scientists stumbled upon dinosaur footprints. The discovery was made in the framework of the international expedition, which was attended by cavers from Russia, France and Switzerland. The study took place on the square mountain range coolibar adjacent to the cave Battle-Rolls.

The main purpose of the expedition was to join the Fight caves-Loaves and Alexander Vishnevsky in one large-scale karst system. However, during these works specialists stumbled upon a chain of dinosaur footprints. Previously, they tried to detect their presence in the cave, but all attempts proved futile, so the recent opening has become a valuable “side effect” of the expedition.

In addition, the cavers found new moves in excess of two kilometers in length, and identified three major areas suitable for further work of connecting the caves. One of the areas is a spacious gallery that connects the upper and lower floors of the two caves.