Jurassic Park’s Sam Neill and Laura Dern Reunite Amid Rumours They’ll Return for Jurassic World 3

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Laura Dern and Sam Neill in Jurassic Park (Picture: Universal)

Sam Neill and Laura Dern have staged a mini Jurassic Park reunion amid rumours they’ll both return for Jurassic World 3.

The pair played Dr Alan Grant and Dr Ellie Sattler respectively in Steven Spielberg’s 1993 classic, with the former reprising his role for the slightly-less-classic Jurassic Park III in 2001. Posting to Twitter, Neill uploaded a picture of the pair united once more, writing: ‘And then a happy reunion with that lovely pal of mine @LauraDern. ‘Ok, a @JurassicPark flashback if absolutely insist.’

Their reunion follows rumours they could appear on screen together in Jurassic World 3 helmed by director Colin Trevorrow. Speaking to MTV, Trevorrow previously explained how he believes bringing back legacy characters, like the return of Dr. Ian Malcolm in Fallen Kingdom, is important to the franchise.

In regards to Fallen Kingdom, Trevorrow said: ‘We felt like this was Malcolm’s return. This was his… let him have his moment. I feel that way about everyone, especially Laura [Dern], in that she never got to have her own movie.

Jurassic Park was released back in 1993 (Picture: Universal Pictures)

‘That identified as being something that’s important. I feel like this moment with Goldblum, because he had this very clear set of ethical questions that he was able to pose for everyone, we just wanted to put the spotlight on him.’ Dern and Neill have not been confirmed for Jurassic World 3, but it perhaps would bring the franchise full circle if it is the last outing for the franchise. Jurassic World 3 has a scheduled release date of 11 June 2021.

Source: https://metro.co.uk