A First Look at the New Dinosaur Exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Friday, September 29, 2017

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

If the Triceratops discovered at a Thornton construction site officially has you super stoked about dinosaurs, then you can get more of a fix via a new exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Ultimate Dinosaurs opens Oct. 6 and is free with admission to the museum. It features 17 skeletons and even more fossils and casts.

“It highlights dinosaurs a lot of people might not be familiar with,” Joe Sertich, curator of dinosaurs at the museum said.

You also get the chance to see life-size murals of dinosaurs, take part in augmented reality and checkout a 3D printer that’s creating replicas of real fossils.


“They’re really bizarre, and I think that’s one of the cool things. They’re some of the largest dinosaurs ever found, but also some of the weirdest,” Sertich said. They have things like crocodile-like snouts. We have plant-eating crocodiles. And so it’s this weird mix of brand new discoveries that’s coming out of the Southern Hemisphere.”

The remains of the dinosaurs featured in the exhibit were all unearthed in just the last few years.

Source: www.9news.com