Will Sam Neill Ever Return To Jurassic Park Franchise?

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Your very favorite Dr Alan Grant is the main character of Jurassic Park series and he excellently portrayed by Sam Neill  in the movie. He acted as a paleontologist who was invited to Jurassic Park.

Sam Neill appeared in four movies of the series and it is rumored that he will return to the series soon. It is not confirmed yet that he is going to feature in the film or not but there been a lot of cases when he was interacted with current Jurassic franchise stars.

He engaged in a twitter banter with lead Chris Pratt last year in which Pratt indicated that he would love  to work with him. So this is not the first time he paid a homage to the series. As he played Dr Alan Grant in the 1993 Jurassic Park debut, and he returned as the same character in 2001.

Will he reunite once again with the franchise like his co star Jeff Goldblum made a return in Fallen Kingdom. As Sam is currently working on the projects like Blackbird and Escape from Pretoria whose release dates are not confirmed yet but this clears the air that he is currently active in terms of his profession.

Recently he responded to the discovery of Black hole in a hilarious way. He took a shot regarding his movie Event Horizon in which storyline depicts the existence of Black Hole in the movie.

See the tweet below how he responded:-


Source: https://thedigitalwise.com