Whatever Happened To Jurassic Park’s Ariana Richards?

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Even though Richards had found success in acting, there were some other things that the performer was interested in doing later on in life.

Making it in the movie business is one of the hardest things that a person can do, and usually, it takes an unbelievable amount of work, talent, and luck for everything to fall into place. Sure, some stars like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez make big things happen as kids, but they are the exception and not the rule. Most stars landing roles in huge flicks have put in tons of work.

Jurassic Park remains one of the greatest films of all time, and it was successful enough to spawn a franchise of films. Sure, it hasn’t had as many flicks as the MCU, but there is no denying what this franchise has been able to achieve. Ariana Richards was just a kid when she got her big break, and through the years, she has remained quite busy.

Let’s see what Ariana Richards has been up to since Jurassic Park!

She Hit It Big With Jurassic Park

Ariana Richards might not be a household name in the same way that other child stars are, but just about every person out there has seen Jurassic Park at least once. What this means that is most people are familiar with her face thanks to the monumental success of that first film.

While the children were not the main characters, per se, they still had a huge role to play in the movie. Richards was exceptional in the role, and there are a number of moments that she took part in that have since become iconic. This is all thanks to the talent that she possessed from a young age. The first Jurassic Park was a huge hit, and eventually, Richards would return for the second installment.

Four years after the release of Jurassic Park, Ariana Richards would return for the film’s sequel, The Lost World. The size of her role in the sequel would come nowhere close to matching what it was in the first film, but it was still refreshing to see her character return. Much like its predecessor, The Lost World turned into a huge hit, though Richards would not be around for part 3 in the franchise.

After that second Jurassic Park film, Richards would only appear in one more movie before taking an extended break from acting, according to IMDb. That film, Tremors 3, was nowhere near as successful as the Jurassic Park films.

Even though Richards had found success in acting, there were some other things that the performer was interested in doing later on in life.

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She Focused On Art And Music

The same year that Jurassic Park conquered the box office, Ariana Richards had actually released her first record. Not many people know this, as it was not a hit by any means, but it did show that there was another side to the performer and that she was capable of doing more than just acting.

Interestingly, the performer would dip her toes back into music years later, but again, nothing on a global scale. Being artistic means being willing to take a chance at what you love, and clearly, Richards has never shied away from expressing herself through her music during her life.

Outside of music, Richards has also been involved in the art world since her time in the Jurassic Park franchise. Richards has her own website for her art, and she has received some acclaim for what she has produced over the years. She has a distinct style to her works that help them stand out in any gallery.

Not only does Richards show off her art on her site, but she also has links to interviews and other publications that have featured her through the years, which will be fun for any fan to look through.

She Returned To Acting In 2013

As we mentioned earlier, Richards was content with walking away from appearing in films when she was younger, but the acting bug can only be kept at bay for so long. Eventually, the former star would hop back into the saddle.

According to IMDb, Richards appeared in the 2013 film Battledogs alongside Ernie Hudson and a few other notable actors. This may not have been a huge project like she had appeared in back in the day, but it was a chance for the performer to step back in front of the camera once again.

At this point, the Jurassic Park franchise has blossomed into the Jurassic World franchise, and it may be wise to being back Richards’ character. Fans would love to check in and see what became of her and her brother, and this seems like an opportunity that the studio shouldn’t pass up.

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Ariana Richards may not be in loads of movies, but she has remained quite busy since Jurassic Park.

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