Ultimate Jurassic World Toy Revealed: Blue Remote Control Raptor

Monday, September 3, 2018

Mattel's interactive Alpha Training Blue velociraptor is a dream come true for fans of Jurassic World who have always wanted to train their own robotic dinosaur. The new toy is a about 12" tall and 24" long and ready to learn and earn snacks for doing tricks. Owners use a remote control and utilize different button combinations to properly train the raptor. While it looks pretty cool, it's also on wheels, giving it the appearance of being on rollerblades, which could be a turn off for some Jurassic World fans.

The Alpha Training Blue has a mood selector, so you can set Blue at either friendly, hostile, or neutral. There are also different modes to choose from, such as guard, training, total control, and prowl. The more you use the remote control dinosaur, the more that it learns, just like in Fallen Kingdom. The beginning of training is pretty difficult because you have to earn the trust of your new Alpha Training Blue, who will openly be very hostile to you at first.

After the difficulty of the first few training experiences, the toy raptor begins to calm down, which then allows you to pet it and give it pats on the back for reinforcement. The Alpha Training Blue has been compared to a video game because of the different combinations of buttons that you have to press and the amount of time that it takes to train Blue. She does not like to be neglected, so you'll have to take her for walks or to the local skating rink so that she can rollerblade to some tunes with some new friends.

There are a lot of detailed instructions for this highly collectible Alpha Training Blue, which need to be gone through to fully get the hang of your new robotic friend. Chris Pratt's Owen from Jurassic World gives out some helpful hints throughout the instruction manual. After Blue has been trained for a while, she will be able to detect motion, used as a way to protect your room from a younger sibling or a massive fan of the Jurassic World franchise who may want to bring the robotic raptor to his/her own collection.


As for pricing, this Alpha Training Blue isn't going to come cheap. Mattel is selling the robotic raptor for $249.99. While that may seem a bit high for a rollerblading dinosaur, early reviews state that Blue is one of the best remote control products at its price point, in terms of looks, and the way that it has to be mastered. The Alpha Training Blue is currently up for pre-order and will be out in time for this holiday season on October 1st, so if you know any hardcore Jurassic World fans or fans of dinosaurs in general, this could be the gift that gets their fists pumping. You can check out the Alpha Training Blue below, provided by the Mattel Twitter account.

Source: https://movieweb.com