Top 10 Jurassic Park Gifts Fans Actually Want

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

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Jurassic Parklater known as Jurassic World is a timeless series of action and adventure that started with a book by the same name. Michael Crichton wrote a scientific thriller that eventually leads to Steven Spielberg himself directing the 1993 classic. With 5 movies and a multitude of other media from games to books, Jurassic Park isn't slowing down. With the originals holding up due to their acting and impressive use of CGI and puppets/animatronics, this series has cemented itself as perfect couch movies for any age.

With that in mind, we thought it would be fun to showcase the cool collectibles and merch that Jurassic Park has amassed over the years!

1. Jurassic World Super Colossal Velociraptor Blue

Jurassic World's iconic Velociraptor, Blue, returns. 

But don't worry, he's on our side! At over 18 inches high and 3 1/2 feet long, this Jurassic World Super Colossal Velociraptor looms over the other dinosaurs.

With super-realistic skin and his iconic blue stripe, this velociraptor tears down the other dinosaurs with biting and scratching motions. With a multitude of articulations, swing and fight with deadly accuracy. Open up his jaw to eat up to 20 mini action figure dinosaurs whole, showing who the true apex predator is.

2. LEGO Jurassic World Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit 75928 Building Kit

With a multitude of adventures to be had, follow the cast of Jurassic World as they take on a world full of dinosaurs.

Owen and Wheatley pursue Blue, trying to track him down. With the help of a pilot, get the higher ground and try to keep Blue, the Velociraptor, safe but returned home!

With rotating helicopter blades and a stud capture gun, take to the skies! With almost 400 pieces and 5 minifigs (including Blue), mark your own dinosaur adventure!

3. Jurassic Park Vintage Logo Snapback Hat With Pre-Curved Bill

Represent the coolest dinosaur franchise around with this Jurassic Park Vintage Logo Snapback Hat with Pre-curved Bill.

This officially licensed product is perfect for fans of comfort and style, with the iconic Jurassic Park logo and a slightly weathered look to the hat. Block out the sun and the impending doom of a dinosaur takeover with this wool snapback. One size fits most, so be comfy no matter what - make sure to hand wash this T-rex emblazoned apparel.

4. Megaraptor Dinosaur Life Size Extra Large Claw Fossil Replica

Be a true Paleontologist with this Megaraptor Dinosaur Life Size Extra Large Claw Fossil Replica. This fossil replica was made by Grant Field Specimens and is of the Megaraptor family, aka megaraptor namunhuaquii. These large creatures were found in the Late Cretaceous period, long before humans.

This claw is an actual cast of a real Megaraptor claw, found in Patagonia Argentina at the Rio Nequen Formation. Wow your friends with this super-realistic cast, with exquisite detail in every corner.

5. Jurassic Park Mug 25th Anniversary Raptor Egg Molded Ceramic Coffee Cup

Although very valuable, there's no use in taking Raptor eggs from the Parks. These smart creatures will track you down in no time!

Instead, let's stick with a cool Raptor Egg Molded Ceramic Coffee Cup. With a 10 oz capacity, drink your favorite beverage with the joy of knowing this mug is cooler than your friends' mugs.

Marking the 25 anniversary of the series, this mug also has the iconic logo and font cast across it.

6. Jurassic Park: A Novel

What better way to commemorate the series than with the origin? Jurassic Park is a novel by Michael Crichton.

Follow paleontologist Alan Grant and paleobotanist Ellie Sattler as they travel to a mysterious island off of the coast of Costa Rica. What follows is a wild ride of dino-DNA and humans dabbling in something far bigger than them.

Fans old and new will enjoy the written form of this stellar series, with a few twists not seen in the movie to keep the experience fresh.

7. Ellusionist Jurassic Park Playing Card Deck

Ellusionist is known for their intricate yet subtle playing cards. With a smoothness perfect for regular play and magicians alike, this B9 card stock is elegant and durable.

Ellusionist made sure to work with Universal Studios to create a gorgeous design for the cards, featuring the Park itself as the major theme. With an archaic feel, these cards won our hearts with the dinosaur bone print and rustic colors that perfectly matched the movie series.

8. Jurassic Park Looksee Gift Box

Not sure what to get your dino-loving friend? Or perhaps you're looking for something unique for yourself. You've come to the right place! This Jurassic Park Loksee Gift Box features 5 Official Jurassic Park-themed items for fans of all ages.

First up is the tin itself! This square tin is 7.75 inches and bears the ever-loved Jurassic Park logo. Also included is infamous barbasol can, now in tin form to store your valuables! Also included is a unique Japanese Jurassic Park mini-mug, along with a cool Park-themed ticket magnet. There are so many cool gifts in one package, with even a dino fossil coaster to boot!

9. Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Collection 4K Blu-Ray

Celebrate 25 Years of Dino adventures with this Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Collection in 4K Blu-ray.

Start from the beginning with Jurassic Park, where we first meet the DNA of Dinos being brought back to life at Jurassic Park itself. From the tiniest of dinos to the gigantic T-Rex, plight through this fun thriller in all of its 4K glory.

Pick up the following three adventures over the next 25 years, including The Lost World, Jurassic Park 3, and Jurassic World.

10. Jurassic Park Classic Logo T Rex Kids Youth Pullover Hoodie & Stickers

Survive the colds of winter in style with this Jurassic Park Classic Logo T Rex Youth Pullover Hoodie. Featuring one of the most memorable logos to date, wear it knowing you can watch these cool movies without having to ever face dinos in real life!

With a comfy blend of Cotton and Polyester, your teen/kid will be the coolest kid around.

Also included are two stickers including the Jurassic Park logo alongside a threatening T-Rex, about to chomp your hands off!

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