Top 10 Favourite Scenes in the Jurassic Park Franchise

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

With the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, we now have more fine additions to the collection of awesome scenes in this franchise. But which are the ten best, the ones that stand head and shoulders above the rest? That's what I'm going to decide as I count down the top ten best scenes in the JP series (in my own opinion, of course).

10. Spinosaurus Boat Attack (JPIII)

This is where the Spinosaurus truly shines: in a water sequence. It attacks a boat full of our main characters, who panick and hide in a cage, which the Spino pushes into the water. They nearly drown, and Amanda Kirby almost dies, but she doesn't, which is why this scene isn't higher. Alan Grant defeats the dinosaur by driving it off with a flare gun.

9. Bird Cage (JPIII)

Say what you want about JPIII, but you can't deny that this scene is scary, suspenseful, and intense. It's one of the better CG scenes in the film, with the Pteranodon's blank stare being terrifying. It's also the first time the Pterosaurs do something cool, and it's better than the Main Street scene from JW.

8. Life Will Find a Way (TLW:JP)

After the Buck was returned to Isla Sorna, John Hammond spoke about the future of Site B's dinosaurs. He said that the dinosaurs need the humans' absence to survive. His speech, along with the site of the Rex family and Stego herd make this one of TLW's more light-hearted and wonderous scenes.

7. The Park is Closed (JW)

After a chaotic incident, nature finally reclaims Isla Nublar, with Rexy at the throne. The old Rex asserts her dominance not by t-posing, but by letting out a mighty roar over the ruined park. The only problem is the lack of Rexy's classic roar.

6. Rexy vs Toast (JW:FK)

Sadly, this amazing scene was spoiled in FK's marketing. This might be a bit biased since Carnotaurus is one of my favourite dinosaurs, but this scene is still awesome. The special effects are phenomenal and Rexy's classic roar is back.

5. Rexy and Blue vs Indominus rex (JW)

This is one of the best and most brutal fight scenes in the series. When all seems lost, Claire lures Rexy out of her enclosure with a flare, bringing her to the Indominus rex. Rexy smashes through the Spinosaurus skeleton (a middle-finger to JPIII) as she roars at her challenger. Not only is the fight well-done with Blue saving Roberta, but the score is incredible and it's symbolic. Nature's creation, the Tyrannosaurus rex, fights the Indominus rex, man's creation. So what hinders its placement on this list? The CGI isn't that good and Rexy lacks her iconic roar, instead using the sounds of the male Rex.

4. San Diego Rampage (TLW:JP)

Before Fallen Kingdom, this was the only time we saw a dinosaur set loose upon the mainland, and oh boi did it deliver. The Buck rampages through San Diego, killing a dog while frantically looking for his infant in an environment that is strange and new to him. He only has a few casualties, but purely because a dinosaur is on the mainland, this scene made my list.

3. Welcome to Jurassic World (JW:FK)

As I said in my JP ranking, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a game-changer that takes the series in a new direction. This can be traced back to its incredible ending. Maisie releases the dinosaurs to save them, and they are unleashed upon the American supercontinent. Rexy and Toast tear Mills in half, a call-back to TLW:JP, and the former also replicates her iconic roar from the original. Ian Malcolm warns the public about the consequences, stating that humans and dinosaurs will have to coexist, as it shows the Mosasaurus attacking some surfers, Rexy roaring at a lion, and Blue calling into the sunset while standing on the high ground. Dr. Malcolm's speech ends with a call-back to John Hammond's iconic line, saying, " Jurassic World."

2. Welcome to Jurassic Park (JP)

This moment alone changed the public's perception of dinosaurs. It showed that these extinct creatures were more so much more than just lumbering brutes. They were living, breathing, thinking, feeling, animals. This was exhibited by the Brachiosaurus' first appearance. Everything about this scene is perfect, from the CGI to John Williams' iconic score, to the character's empathetic reactions.

1. When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (JP)

This scene is my favourite movie scene ever. Not only is it Jurassic Park's most iconic scene, but it's also the epic ending this movie deserves. It was the first dinosaur-v-dinosaur fight, between Rexy and the Big One. It was truly legendary and an awesome sight. If the fight wasn't enough, Rexy roaring as the banner falls was enough to cement this movie as a legend.

"Hahahrawrrahaha" - Dr. Ian Malcolm