Thor's Hammer Mjolnir Caused The Extinction Of The Dinosaurs

Friday, July 2, 2021

The extinction of the dinosaurs is still hotly debated in the real world - but in Marvel Comics, it was caused by the creation of Thor's Mjolnir!

The creation of Thor's hammer Mjolnir caused the extinction of the dinosaurs in Marvel Comics. Nobody really knows for certain why the dinosaurs were wiped out. For millions of years, the dinosaurs ruled the Earth. And then, 66 million years ago, something happened. The dinosaurs were rendered extinct, vanishing - in geological terms - almost overnight.

The common theory is that this mass extinction event was caused by some sort of meteorite impact, one that potentially cracked the Earth's crust and led to sustained volcanic eruptions. Clouds of dust and ash swirled into the atmosphere, resulting in unprecedented climate change because sunlight could not reach the surface. Such a monumental event would naturally lead to extinction on a scale never seen before, because the catastrophe would happen so suddenly that few species would be able to evolve.

In the comics, the extinction of the dinosaurs was actually caused by the creation of Thor's hammer Mjolnir. In those ancient times, Odin the All-Father sought a weapon that could be used against the enemies of Asgard, and he had the great Dwarf craftsman Eitri create an enchanted hammer from a chunk of precious Uru. Eitri used the heart of a sun to forge a mold with which he could create this weapon, and the forging of this mold sent shockwaves throughout the cosmos. It nearly destroyed the smiths, shook all of Asgard, and sent chunks of fire down to the surface of the Nine Realms. Some of these struck Midgard, triggering a planetary apocalypse that rendered the dinosaurs extinct.

More detail is added to this story in Mighty Thor #12, which reveals what made that particular piece of Uru so powerful. Odin had confronted a cosmic threat sometimes called the God Tempest, a hurricane that swept through the stars with enough force to consume entire worlds. When the God Tempest approached Asgard, the All-Father had confronted it, and in the end Odin managed to contain the Mother of Storms within the chunk of Uru he had been gifted by the Dwarves. "I want you to forge it," Odin told the Dwarves. "Such power will be mine to wield. Make me a weapon, Dwarves, or the next time the Trolls invade your land... you can fight them yourselves."

And so that it was what the Dwarves of Nidavellir did. They created the greatest weapon in the history of Asgard, one that contained all the power of the God Tempest itself, and gave it to Odin the All-Father. The creation of Mjolnir came at a terrible price, ravaging all the Nine Realms, and changing the future of the Earth itself when those fireballs fell upon the planet. Ironically, Mjolnir proved unwilling to bend to Odin's will, and in the end he set it aside - for, though he did not know it, this weapon was not destined to be wielded by Odin, but by his son Thor.