Sue The T. Rex Will Be Back On Display Dec. 21

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Field Museum began the de-installation of SUE the Tyrannosaurus rex from Stanley Field Hall earlier this year. | Sun-Times file photo

Don’t call it a comeback.

Sue the T. rex, a star attraction at the Field Museum since taking residence at the museums’s Stanley Hall, will be back on display beginning Dec. 21 after undergoing some updates, the museum said.

This time, the biggest T. rex skeleton ever found will be visible in Griffin Halls of Evolving Planet. The new home will “show what SUE’s world was like,” said the museum. The gallery will include animations showing how the dinosaur would have interacted with others and landscape displays so visitors can get a feel for what the world looked like when Sue was alive.

“We’re excited to finally complete our decadeslong plan to put SUE in a proper scientific context alongside our other dinosaurs and offer an experience that really shows off why SUE is widely considered the greatest dinosaur fossil in the world,” Field Museum President Richard Lariviere said.

Sue might look a little different to visitors, the museum said. That’s because more bones were added to the T. rex’s skeleton, bones that initially confused the scientists who discovered it. After years of research, the bones were identified as the gastralia, or belly ribs, that helped the dinosaur breathe.