Steven Spielberg's Frustrations With Making Jurassic Park

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Jurassic Park: T. rex chasing jeep

Steven Spielberg looks back on why he was "furious" when he was in the latter stages of making Jurassic Park.

1993 was a significant year in the career of Steven Spielberg, as two huge films in his directorial back catalogue arrived. In the summer came Jurassic Park, the biggest blockbuster of the year. And at the end of 1993 Schindler’s List debuted in cinemas, the film that months later would result in Spielberg winning his first Oscar.

Production on the two films inevitably overlapped, with Spielberg notably entrusting George Lucas to help with the post-production work on Jurassic Park while he was in Krakow filming Schindler’s List. And in a new interview with Empire, Spielberg has admitted to the frustrations he felt as the two films overlapped.

“I didn’t anticipate what it would feel like after I returned from the [Schindler’s List] set to spend three hours over going over ILM effects shots on Jurassic Park and how angry I was and how I resented having to do that," he said, referring to the period where the post-production of the one film crossed with the physical production of the other. “I would sit there angry and bitter and giving notes on how a Tyrannosaurus rex should run chasing a jeep, when all I could think of was what I had shot that day in Krakow."

“I just got mad at Jurassic Park every day I had to go back and do any work on it," he said, describing himself as “furious” at it while he was in the latter stages of making it.

In the case of both films, though, you'd have to say that all turned out really rather well.