Resident Evil Village Mod Puts Barney The Dinosaur In The Demo

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Resident Evil Village mods are already pushing the envelope; one in particular puts Barney the Dinosaur in the role of the game's enemies.

The release of Resident Evil Village is still a handful of days away, but mods are already taking things to another level with one in particular placing Barney the Dinosaur as an enemy type. Barney has maintained his status as a pop culture staple for nearly 30 years, first debuting in PBS' Barney & Friends in 1992. There are memes and such that make him seem scary, but how much terror can a purple dinosaur with flat teeth conjure up?

Resident Evil obviously has the answer. In the last few months, RE Village managed to subvert expectations and toy with emotions in a way the franchise arguably hasn't in the past. And it all stemmed from marketing revolving around one central figure - Lady Dimitrescu. The tall vampire lady may very well go down as one of the brand's scariest villains to date. Zombies are played out, werewolves will eventually reach that same threshold, and the likes of RE3's Nemesis are designed to induce nothing but terror. Akin to other vampiric figures of yore, Lady Dimitrescu is alluring, captivating. Online chatter suggests fans can't wait to encounter her in-game, even when she's at her most terrifying, overly long claws and all. But even the countess is no match for Barney the Dinosaur.

Capcom recently hosted its final Resident Evil Village demo, so some players chose to make the most of it. Twitter user Marcos RC went above and beyond, though, evidenced by a Barney-starring mod shared on social media. Marcus RC's mod substitutes RE Village enemies with the friendly dinosaur in the cellar area of Castle Dimitrescu. It's a genuinely frightening sight to behold. In almost any other circumstance, many would consider Barney a welcoming sight, but there are three of them in this mod. And one appears to be laughing... Suffice it to say, Barney's never been more terrifying.

This is rather eerie on its own, but craziest of all is that such a mod sets precedent. First, someone turned the docile Barney into a Resident Evil villain. Who might be next, though? Pikachu, Blue from Blue's Clues, the Teletubbies - the latter of whom are creepy as is? Hopefully, turning childhood safe spaces on their head won't become commonplace once RE Village's modding community starts getting its feet wet. Five Nights at Freddy's has caused enough distress.

RE Village aims to conjure up plenty of nightmare fuel all on its own. Lady Dimitrescu isn't the only new mark of terror on the block, either. Werewolves are making their franchise debut and the eerie village setting will likely boast several other horrors that Capcom has yet to unveil.

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