This Photographer Makes Amazing Pictures of Children Living Out Their Dinosaur Dreams

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Lorna comes up with the story ideas and Jason takes the photographs and creates the images using 3D software

The award-winning company creates storybooks using 3D imagery.

Do you know someone who would love to be photographed riding on the back of a tyrannosaurus rex?

How about taking flight with a pterodactyl?

Well a photographer can (almost) make their dreams come true.

The pictures form a story as the 'hero' searches for a missing T-Rex egg

Jason Banbury, who was Welsh Portrait Photographer of the Year for four years in a row, offers the special "Jurassic" service for dinosaur fans.

His triceratops portrait won the UK Post Production Image of the Year from the Master Photographer’s Association.

The finished portraits weave together to form a story of your child’s very own Jurassic Adventure and their quest to find a stolen T-Rex egg; making the personalised Jurassic Storybook, one of the company’s most popular items to purchase.

The sitting, which costs £35, is for children aged four plus and they provide the costumes.

This Autumn Jason and Lorna will be popping across south Wales and take bookings for shoots via their Facebook page .

The pair started the business to bring together Jason's IT background and love of photography with Lorna's 20 year career running her own design company.

Jason's triceatops portrait won the UK Post Production Image of the Year from the Master Photographer’s Association.

"We decided that corporate life and the weekly commutes to Cardiff, London, and beyond were no longer for us," said Lorna.

"We wanted to work together in an environment where we could be creative and also have fun.

"Our families thought we were ‘losing our marbles’ when we announced that we were leaving the rat race to embrace a world of fairies, wizards & warriors, but in truth we have never looked back.

"We have a studio base in St Clears, Carmarthenshire and travel with our themed work, along with our two fabulous assistants, Heather and Lorraine."

Jason Banbury uses 3D digital software to create the images

The Jurassic theme was started earlier this year and next year they are looking to add a unicorn package and a dragon theme.