Over 700,000 Lego Bricks Built this Dino-Sized Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Tribute

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Credit: Lego via Twitter

Unless you’ve been living on Isla Nublar or fearfully hiding in Lockwood Manor, you’ve probably noticed that dinosaur merch has taken over just about everywhere in anticipation of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which opens June 22. That includes LEGO sets. Except this one.

This incredible sculpt of trained raptor Blue, perched victoriously on the overturned and overgrown Explorer from the first doomed attempt at genetically engineering a prehistoric theme park, isn’t lurking on any toy store shelves. It lives in front of Stage 18 at Universal Studios Hollywood, as LEGO proudly showcases it on Twitter.

Credit: LEGO via Twitter

Life obviously found a way to emerge at Universal. Its DNA is 703,855 LEGO bricks that devoured the better part of 2,548 hours to take the form of the star velociraptor and the car the creature has now conquered. At 3,560 pounds, it weighs about half as much as the average triceratops did when they still roamed the earth. You obviously can’t fit that into a Cryocan.

Credit: LEGO via Twitter

While there is nowhere else on the planet you’ll find this LEGO creature, you can still relive scenes from Jurassic World with the Carnotaurus GyrosphereBlue’s Helicopter Pursuit, and Stygimoloch Breakout sets, and preview the sequel with Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood.

Oh, and a LEGO version of the Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom trailer actually exists.

There’s another reason you have to stampede over to Universal Hollywood like, yesterday. The Jurassic Park ride will go the way of the dinosaurs by Sept. 3, so if you want to re-experience the massive animatronic lizards that freaked you out in the ‘90s, do it before they turn into fossils. It will soon evolve into a Jurassic World ride that may or may not take you around in a gyrosphere or put you within inches of the jaws of Indominus Rex.

Credit: LEGO via Twitter

Nobody knows how long the Blue LEGO sculpt will stay alive, but you can be sure it will silently hiss at parkgoers throughout the summer. LEGO and Universal, if you’re reading this, please tell every Jurassic Park fan out there that this thing will never go extinct.

Source: www.syfy.com