New Creationist Theme Park Claims Dinosaurs Were Actually 900-Year-Old Lizards that ‘Never Stopped Growing’

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Pastor Kent Hovind shows off his Dinosaur Adventure Land theme park (Screen cap).

A new creationist theme park in Lenox, Alabama is run by a Baptist preacher who believes that dinosaurs only grew so large because they were lizards who lived for 900 years and never stopped growing.

In an interview with, creationist Kent Hovind explains how his new theme park, called Dinosaur Adventure Land, will teach young people about his own scientifically illiterate theories about the existence of dinosaurs.

“It’s very simple,” he tells “Before the flood came, in the days of Noah, the Bible says that people lived to be 900 years old. Genesis Chapter 5 tells us that. Well, I taught biology and reptiles never stop growing. What would happen to a reptile if he could live to be 900? That’s the dinosaurs. No big mystery.”

Hovind says he understands that no credible scientists actually believe that dinosaurs are just lizards who grew so big because they happened to live to the ripe old age of 900, but he’s not concerned because he believes the scientists are being used by Satan to spread doubt about the Bible.

“So the devil, I think, is using the dinosaurs to teach boys and girls the earth is millions of years old, and it’s propaganda,” he says. “It’s not true at all.”