Jurassic World: What Dinosaur Are You Based On Your Zodiac?

Monday, February 8, 2021

The Jurassic Park/World franchise introduced viewers to many different dinosaurs along the way. But how exactly do they align with the zodiac?

It is easy to tell that many animals have their own distinct personalities. People can see how an animal's behavior differs from one species to the next and how that affects attitudes. This, in turn, makes it easy for people to regularly see themselves in their furry, feathered, or scaly friends.

But what is interesting about this is that, since they are based on real-life animals, the dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park films can be viewed in much the same way. Thanks to this comparison, people can easily match these different species of reptiles to certain zodiac signs. With some clever observation, those same people can then find the dinosaur that perfectly matches their own personalities.

12 - Virgo: Tyrannosaurus

Virgos are incredibly analytical and continually observe their surroundings and current situations. This hyper-awareness can do enough to make them tense or even agitated regularly. It can also make it hard for others to understand them.

The T-Rex matches Virgos in many ways. Due to its nature as an apex predator, T-Rex needs to be constantly and carefully searching for its next meal. And thanks to its peculiar eyesight, which can only track prey if it is moving, its undivided attention needs to be even greater than most other carnivores.

11 - Aries: Velociraptor

People with the Aries sign will always seek to be at the heart of some form of action. They have a lot of energy and a need to go at things with full force and at top speeds. They try to avoid inactivity whenever possible, which can sometimes lead to them acting aggressively.

The Velociraptor can understand the desire to keep moving. These ferocious pack hunters are fleet-footed and are always eagerly searching for the next hunt. They are one of the few dinosaurs that will hunt for sport, so their aggression is not always tied to a need to eat. Sometimes, it's just about their desire to do what they do best and to do it as often as possible.

10 - Scorpio: Triceratops

Scorpios are bold and determined, and they do not shy away from most situations. They also tend to take the lead when the opportunity arises. They can be a bit skeptical at times, but they are generally good at dealing with others.

Much like a Scorpio, a Triceratops is a steadfast creature that doesn't back down. It has the strength and will to find a way to best whatever it is facing, especially potential predators. If threatened, it will take the initiative in a fight to defend itself. Outside of the occasional upset stomach, there isn't much that can make the Triceratops surrender.

9 - Pisces: Brachiosaurus

Pisces is among the friendliest of the personalities. People with this sign are compassionate and easy-going, and they have no issues with spending time with others and offering their help in any way. They find an unmatched level of comfort with social interaction.

Despite being so massive, the endearing Brachiosaurus is one of the most docile and pleasant dinosaurs. It can be seen grazing with any number of other species, and it isn't particularly fearful of humans, who have been able to interact with them on occasion. They are the quintessential gentle giants.

8 - Gemini: Dilophosaursus

Geminis love to let their curious minds take over so they can learn new things. They are also often of two minds about things, switching their viewpoints at times that seem almost random to other people.

No dinosaur matches them better than the Dilophosaurus. This dinosaur displays an almost d0g-like level of curiosity and playfulness when it wants to. But its mood can shift instantly if it finds something it wants to make a meal of. When this happens, the innocent attitude is quickly replaced with that of a hungry predator.

7 - Libra: Gallimimus

It's not often that anyone will encounter a Libra who is on their own. Libras love to socialize and be part of larger groups. They also try to remain as peaceful as possible and seek to avoid conflict at all costs.

To that end, a Libra could easily identify with and appreciate the Gallimimus. This bird-like creature is a herd animal that always operates in groups and hates being separated from the rest of its kind. It also prefers to run from danger, an easy objective thanks to its powerful legs and bodies built for sprinting.

6 - Cancer: Stegosaurus

People with the Cancer sign tend to operate in a state of high emotion. They are sympathetic, cautious, and above all, loyal. They don't open up easily to new people, but they show a strong amount of devotion to the people they care about.

These same traits are seen in the Stegosaurus. It is a docile and shy creature, but it has a close-knit social structure and is protective of its herd. Its attachment to the herd is even stronger when it feels the need to protect its young, as fans saw in The Lost World. When this happens, its anger flares up and creates trouble for anyone or anything that is seen as a threat.

5 - Sagittarius: Pteranodon

The best word to describe a Sagittarius is "extrovert." These people love to experience new things, love to travel, and are not hesitant about doing either. Once they decide that there is something they want to, they rarely let anything get in the way of doing it.

Curiosity, willfulness, and desire to be free are easy ways to describe a Pteranadon. This flying reptile goes about its business, does what it wishes, and travels to wherever it wants. And when it finds something it wants to investigate, such as a potential meal, it can be stubborn and won't let anything or anyone stop it from doing so.

4 - Leo: Spinosaurus

A Leo is someone who has the will to lead and do whatever they can to be at the top. They can be stubborn and arrogant at times, but their dedication allows them to dominate most aspects of their lives. These are the people who can see the mountaintop and want to be the ones standing on it.

That is how the Spinosaurus feels. The Spinosaurus is the largest and most powerful dinosaur seen in Jurassic Park III, and it is obsessed with asserting its dominance and expanding its territory. This beast sees almost every encounter with another creature as a challenge to its authority. It feels threatened by nothing though, so it enjoys every challenge that comes its way.

3 - Taurus: Ankylosaurus

Those who fall into the Taurus category are often some of the most stable and practical people around. They have a lot of common sense and stay grounded at all times. Other people can often rely on them when they need advice from someone with a good head on their shoulders.

The Ankylosaurus is almost the embodiment of the Taurus attitude. It is a dinosaur that keeps a low profile, in both the metaphorical and literal sense. It is not aggressive and keeps to itself, and it doesn't seek to stir up any needless excitement. When excitement does come its way, it relies on its instincts and defense-based abilities to endure almost anything.

2 - Capricorn: Indoraptor

Capricorns are independent thinkers that know how to take their time. They are expert planners who exercise self-control to achieve whatever it is they set their minds to. And they are highly intelligent, learning from their past experiences so they can improve in the future.

These same traits are what the Indoraptor displays for any prey that fails to understand the danger it poses. The Indoraptor knows how to watch and wait for the best time to strike. It is also able to manipulate its quarry and can lead them to make life-ending mistakes.

1 - Aquarius: Mosasaurus

An Aquarius tends to be an independent and sometimes shy individual. They take everything in and make the decisions that are best for them, regardless of any preconceived notions or prejudices. This type of person can also easily adapt to multiple situations.

This is why any Aquarius can relate well to the Mosasaurus. This aquatic reptile is a solitary predator and a careful observer. It is an impartial eater, feasting on any creature that foolishly comes in or near its territory. And once it has secured its meal, it returns to the depths to return to its much-desired seclusion.

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