Jurassic World: The Indominus Rex Began as...a Plant?!

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Before the Indominus Rex terrorized civilians in Jurassic World, the idea for the creature was born from the most unlikely places, a plant.

Following the failure of Jurassic Park, geneticist Dr. Henry Wu became fascinated by the idea of genetic hybrids. This thought was born following his discovery of the intelligence in the velociraptors and how the frog DNA they used to fill the gaps in the genome allowed the dinosaurs to switch gender and reproduce. Without the ability to recreate dinosaurs, Wu's efforts were put into plant hybrids. Following the first hybrid plant's creation, the pieces were in place to eventually create the Indominus Rex.

After 12 years of work, Dr. Wu's hybrid plants quickly brought him into the focus of Simon Masrani, CEO of InGen. With his new park, Jurassic World, slowly losing attendance, the decision was made that he could continue his work on genetic hybrids for a new attraction. What came from this research was the genetic equivalent of Frankenstein's Monster -- the Indominus Rex. Unbeknownst to Masrani, Wu also dealt with InGen Security Division commander Vic Hoskins to create a specimen to use for military applications.

The genetic makeup of the Indominus Rex is similar to Wu's initial plant hybrid in that it's a cocktail of genetic samples. Some samples were a mixture of carnivorous dinosaurs, including the T-Rex and velociraptor. It also carries the genes of cuttlefish, tree frogs and the pit viper. The modern DNA samples, more specifically the cuttlefish and tree frog, contribute to giving the I-Rex the ability to camouflage and regulate its temperature so that the naked eye or thermal scanners can't track it.

Because of its heightened intelligence, the Indominus Rex didn't appreciate being in captivity and set up distractions all around its pen. In Jurassic World, it uses its distractions and camouflage ability to execute an escape where it rampages through the park, killing dinosaurs and humans for sport. It takes the combined might of humans, velociraptors, the T-Rex and the mosasaurus to take down the hybrid. While most scientists would never tamper with genetic power again, after these events, Dr. Wu saw an opportunity to perfect his creation.

Using the research from his initial plants and the Indominus Rex, Dr.Wu put his efforts into developing an improved version of the creature. Smaller and deadlier, the next iteration was called the Indoraptor. However, this creature is even more unpredictable and inevitably becomes another failed hybrid. The timeline of creation from the plant to the Indoraptor shows how power can corrupt an individual, and for Dr. Wu the absolute power he discovered corrupted him absolutely.

The Indominus Rex proves that while humans have the ability to create new life through genetics, it shouldn't be within their power to decide when and how they do it. Dr. Wu saw an inspiration following the events of Jurassic Park, and rather than see it as a lesson, he saw it as an opportunity to push the boundaries, beginning with a plant. In the end, the deadliest creatures in the entire franchise metaphorically and literally began as nothing more than a seed.

Source: www.cbr.com/